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TimeTec Patrol Benefits
Manage Your Guards on Duty Effectively
TimeTec Patrol combines NFC and BLE-enabled smartphones with NFC tags and Beacons to obtain guaranteed proofs that your patrolling guards were at their particular locations and you can gather the information about what they were doing whilst there also - simply by using a smartphone installed with TimeTec Patrol!
Manage Patrolling Routes Assignments Smoothly
Patrolling routes for security guards have to be assigned randomly to prevent leaked information to the outsiders with dubious intentions. Assignment of patrolling routes can be done via TimeTec Patrol, only made known to the guards when he is starting his duties.
Assign Tasks During Patroling Routes
While the guards are on duty, managers can send tasks for them to do during their guard tour routes to maintain security at optimal level.
Report Incidents In Real Time
Timing is very important in security and having the guards equipped with a tool that can let them report to the management if something happened in real time could be crucial for any security firms.
Recorded Routes and Reports
Get every information intact when you are using TimeTec Patrol. No more loopholes and black boxes that you can't figure out.
ROI Measurable
When nothing is lost in translations, TimeTec Patrol gives you value for your investment and accurate data to assess the effectiveness of your or your vendor's services.
Save Your Business with TimeTec Patrol
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