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Guard Patrolling

Keep the Guards Alert for A Safer Environment
Why TimeTec Patrol?
1. Improve Your Premises Security & Engagement
2. Simplify Patrol Management
3. Advanced Reporting & Patrolling Data
1. Improve Your Premises Security & Engagement
Routes, Checkpoints & GPS Tracking
Guards on duty clock in with NFC Technology and GPS Tracking on App.
Job Orders
Guards can receive ad-hoc requests during the tour.
Report Incidents
Guards can report incidents complete with photos and voice messages instantly.
Lone Worker Monitoring
Unchanged GPS location during patrol prompts a response, failure to respond triggers an SOS to the team.
Panic Button
Send notification to emergency contact persons when it is triggered.
Offline Mode
Record patrolling data in offline mode. Data will sync once the connection is reestablished.
Notification Alert
Receive notification alerts if guards are late or too early for each checkpoint.
Checkpoints Engagement
Pre-set a question for each checkpoint for the guard to answer upon checking in.
2. Simplify Patrol Management
Simplified Patrolling Management
Routes & Checkpoints Setup
Set a fixed patrol route for guards or request to patrol at random routes.
Tardiness Settings
Set a range for guards or receive alerts if guards patrol out of scheduled time.
Incident Management
Manage each incident and assign a different PIC for different matters.
Alert the supervisor when the guards are outside of the area.
Real-time Monitoring Dashboard
Get all details in real-time, track guards and patrol records anytime, anywhere.
Manage Security Guards & Employees
Manage guards' accessibility and hierarchy.
3. Advanced Reporting & Patrolling Data
10+ Patrol Reports
More than ten automated reports, showing only the data you require.
Patrol Schedule Details
Stores each clocking data even if the check-in is accidental.
Data Audit List
No alteration of the patrol records is allowed, and edited records by the admins stand out.
Patrolling IoT Hardware
Rugged Device
Rugged Device
NFC Tags (Checkpoint)
Beacon (Checkpoint)
TimeTec Patrol, A Cloud Way to Secure Your Building
Support & System Security
24/7 Support
We have your back, you could find us anytime around the clock for an assistant.
20 languages available
We have hired humans to translate our system to the most common languages on earth.
Security & Privacy
Your data remain yours. We are PDPA & GDPR compliances and certified with ISO 27001.

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