FAQ | TimeTec Patrol

Frequently Asked Questions

 On General Issues
1.  Is local support for TimeTec Solution available?

Yes. TimeTec has more than 200 authorized resellers in approximately 120 countries. Kindly check the countries where TimeTec resellers are located. You may contact us via email, Skype, GoogleTalk for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round service.

2.  Where is the location of TimeTec Server?

Currently, the TimeTec platform is located in West California, United States of America.

3.  Do you set up your own cloud platform, or you work with a third party vendor?

TimeTec is currently working with Amazon EC2 who acts as our Cloud platform provider.

4.  What is the uptime guarantee for TimeTec?

Please click here for more information.

5.  Sometimes Internet connectivity is not stable when I'm using mobile app. Can I still use the app when the Internet connection is lost?

Don't worry about it, the offline mode in TimeTec Patrol mobile will still store and save the important information and transmitted it back to the server once you back online.

6.  Does data sync between TimeTec mobile app and the web happen instantaneously?

Definitely! However, if you are not sure whether any syncing occurs, refresh the screen and voila!

7.  Do I need to buy TimeTec app or does it have any in-app purchase?

TimeTec mobile app can be installed free from GooglePlay but you only can utilize it to the fullest when you subscribe with TimeTec Patrol.

8.  What is the average time required for TimeTec Patrol implementation?

It depends on how many employees your company have and how complex is your scheduling? You can get it done in a matter of hours or for a larger organization it may take longer time. No worries, TimeTec support will always be there to assist you through.

9.  How safe is my data on your cloud?

Don't worry, we deploy necessary process to keep your data safe and we have sufficient recovery plans in place to manage your data in our cloud.

10.  Do I need to fulfill system requirements to use TimeTec Patrol?

Fortunately, no. TimeTec Patrol works across all browsers and all mobile devices. But you might need to install NFC tags at your routes for TimeTec Patrol mobile to read.

11.  Where can I buy TimeTec Patrol? If I'm overseas, can I still use your product?

In this cloud era, so long as you have an internet connection, our product is there and you can oversee things even though you are away.

12.  Is TimeTec Patrol available in my region?

Yes it is, because TimeTec Patrol is a cloud-base system, it is available on the Internet at all times, accessible worldwide.

13.  Can you explain on the minimum device requirements?

You will need an Android smartphone with an Android v4.0.0 OS and above that has an embedded NFC feature.

14.  May I know the maximum number of checkpoints TimeTec Patrol support?

You don't have to worry about checkpoint limit because we have none.

15.  Can different guards use the same smartphone installed with TimeTec Patrol App?

Yes. This can be managed in TimeTec Patrol Web.

16.  Can the same guards use three different smartphones installed with TimeTec Patrol App during his patrol session?

Yes. This can be managed in TimeTec Patrol Web.

 Services and Features
1.  If my guards were off-schedule, how would TimeTec Patrol alert me?

TimeTec Patrol will send push notifications and emails to alert superior in charge when guards were off-schedule. You can also set different alert timer on each route.

2.  Does TimeTec Patrol provide live map so I can see my staff on duty in real time?

Yes. In TimeTec Patrol you can insert live maps complete with GPS locations of the guards when they scan at checkpoints. For building, floor plan could be used to provide tour routes details for reference as well.

3.  Can my staff send notifications to the control room during their tour? If yes, how?

Yes. Guards can send notifications in the form of incident reports and SOS alerts through TimeTec Patrol App during their patrol rounds. Once the notification is sent, it will be reflected instantaneously on the monitoring screen at the control room.

During rounds, guards will be posed with a few questions that they need to answer during their patrol routes according to the admin's setting, for example, is there any broken window? The answer yes will send the report back to the control room and the guard will have to snap a photo to attach with the report. Guards can also report incidents when they observe something out of the ordinary.

Guards can use the S.O.S function to ask for assistance during emergencies. The S.O.S will trigger alert sound from the smartphone, will make the LED light blink rapidly, automatically snaps the front photos and all information will be sent to the control room complete with the current GPS location immediately.

Vice versa, officers from the control room can send notification to guards on duty or send additional tasks to be done during the duty.

4.  If anything wasn't right during any tour, is there any way that my guards can contact me with more details of the incidents/observations like pictures or sound?

Yes. Refer to answer to the above question.

5.  Can the control room send tasks to the guards on duty?

Yes. Refer to answer to the above question

6.  How to report incidents during patrol rounds?

During rounds, guards will be posed with a few questions that they need to answer during their patrol routes according to the admin's setting, for example, is there any broken window? The answer yes will send the report back to the control room and the guard will have to snap a photo to attach with the report. Guards can also report incidents when they observe something out of the ordinary.

7.  Can those questions be easily changed?

Only administrator has the right to edit or change the questions assigned to each checkpoint

8.  What can they attach in the incident reports?


9.  Do you also send the incident reports to the client?

Yes. TimeTec Patrol can send incident reports to client through emails or mobile push notification.

10.  Can I create scheduled patrol routes for my guards?

Yes, you can do it through the TimeTec Patrol Web PC Portal.

11.  Can I do the route scheduling from PC and Mobile?

Current we only allow schedule setup from the PC web portal.

12.  How could the guards view the scheduled routes?

They can view the assigned routes in the TimeTec Patrol App when they signed in.

13.  What kinds of report TimeTec Patrol provide? And in which formats?

There are 3 reports available in TimeTec Patrol which includes Incident Report, Patrol Records and Monthly Patrol Records. And there are 4 listings available which are Floor Plans & Checkpoints, Security Guards on Duty, List of Incidents & Notifications, List of Patrol Routes & Checkpoint. All available in PDF, XLS, XLSX and RTF format.

14.  Can those reports be viewed on mobile app?

Currently, it's not an option.

15.  Can I print those reports?

Yes you can.

16.  Can those reports be exported to 3rd party?

Yes you can export the reports into XLS or XLSX format to be used in 3rd party system. You can also consider using TimeTec SDK to collect data directly from TimeTec Patrol.

17.  Can the supervisor receive an alert on his/her smartphone as well as on desktop?


18.  If a supervisor alters the patrol schedule, will the guard be informed instantly?

Yes, the changes will be reflected on the guard's mobile app immediately.

19.  If the security guards’ smartphones ran out of battery, how could they perform check-in during rounds?

The company needs to emphasize that it is the responsibility of the guards to make sure that their smartphones have sufficient battery before the tour begins. However, in circumstances where the smartphone’s battery depletes, we recommend the use of power bank as backup so they can complete their check-ins during rounds.

20.  Can the guard perform check-in if the checkpoint location doesn’t have any Internet connection, like at the basement parking?

TimeTec Patrol Mobile app has an Offline Mode where guards can still use the mobile app and check-in even if there’s no connection. Learn about the Offline Mode here.

 On Payment
1.  I don't trust online payment. Can I use other payment modes?

Yes. You can pay to our local authorized reseller. We will activate your subscription account once we have received payment from the local reseller.

2.  I prefer to pay in local currency, what should I do?

We charge the subscription fees in US dollar. If you would like to pay using your local currency, you may choose to pay to our local authorized resellers. But the total amount would be based on the then exchange rate of your local currency against US dollar.

3.  Do I need to pay bank charges when I make the online payment to you?

No. You just need to pay the exact amount on the billing.

4.  How often will I get invoices from TimeTec?

TimeTec Patrol is a SaaS subscription model that allows you to determine your payment cycle. You want to pay annually upfront or you want to pay half-yearly, let us know.

5.  Is anything I purchase at TimeTec Patrol fixed or is it scalable?

TimeTec Patrol is flexible and you can adjust your purchases based on your requirements. If you want to add licenses, you can and if you want to reduce also you can. Don't buy things in excess.

6.  How do I buy TimeTec Patrol?

You can choose to purchase the licenses online or if you want someone to guide you through, contact us and we can connect you to the local company that can help you to determine what you need. Whatever you choose, please know that we are here to help you.

 On Trial
1.  Is it easy to sign up for a trial account?

Oh, yes! You just need to SIGN UP at our website and fill up a few important details and you are good to go.

2.  Once my trial period is over, are you going to start charging me?

Definitely not. Since we never ask you for credit card information, we'll not going to charge you for the solution and you'll not be auto enrolled.

3.  Are you going to limit my access to web only during trial?

Definitely not. The trial period in intended to let you experience the full solution, hence you’ll have complete access to both web and mobile app.

4.  You offer some free licenses for TimeTec TA, would the same apply to TimeTec Patrol?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. We don’t offer any free licenses for TimeTec Patrol.

 On Termination
1.  Am I able to get any refund when my company wants to terminate its subscription?

Yes, you could get the refund for the unutilized subscription calculated by months minus the administration charges of USD 10 and bank charges.
If your subscription fee was paid to our local authorized reseller, you have to inform them to help you terminate your subscription and you have to get your refund from them.

2.  Can I retrieve my company data when our company had decided to terminate TimeTec's subscription?

Yes, we will send you a link via your registered email for you to download your data in csv format. It is recommended that you download the relevant data during the grace period of 45 days. After the grace period, we will remove your data from our server and any lost of data after that grace period is regretful.

3.  Could my company renew my subscription when it has already terminated?

Renewal of your subscription is available within 45 days of grace period after termination is approved. After that, your data will be removed from our server, and you have to start with a new subscription and go through all the system set up process again.

 On Support
1.  How do I get technical support for TimeTec?

Our technical team is reachable via LiveChat, readily available chat channel in the TimeTec software and they can also be contacted via email at support@timeteccloud.com for a swift reply. TimeTec support is available 24-hour, 7 days a week, all year round.

2.  I'm not familiar with TimeTec Patrol. What is the best way to setup my account?

Implementation Wizard will be there to assist you. All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided and you'll be able to setup your account in no time. If in any case you are stuck, the support is available for assistance.

3.  I want to understand more on TimeTec Patrol. Is there a training that I can attend?

We organize Webinar sessions every month for TimeTec Patrol. You are welcome to join to understand more on the solution. The session is free of charge, but you need to reserve your seats prior to joining the session. Schedule for the Webinar sessions will be made available soon.

 On Devices
1.  What are the devices required for this system?

Android phones & standard NFC Tags.

2.  Can I use my Apple i-Phone for the TimeTec Patrol app?

Unfortunately the TimeTec Patrol app is utilizing the NFC technology, which is not supported by the Apple I Phone iOs currently. We are using Android only for TimeTec Patrol

3.  The NFC tags are pretty standard, so any brand should be compatible.

The NFC tags are pretty standard, so any brand should be compatible.

4.  Can I buy any brand of Android phones?

Yes, the TimeTec Patrol app is designed to be used with most of Android phones that are readily available in the market.

5.  A smartphone is an important device when patrolling with TimeTec Patrol. By having many guards using the same smartphones and the phone’s usage frequency, do you have any recommendation on how to protect the smartphone from damages?

We recommend that the smartphones used to be attached to high-end protective cases. The high-end cases usually are thicker, tamperproof, and some are even waterproof; which will protect the smartphones better from damages.

6.  I want to restrict the smartphones’ features provided to my guards. Can I do that? What if the guard runs away with the company’s phone?

To restrict the application in the smartphone, we recommend the company to install “app-lock” application before handing the smartphones to the guards. The “app-lock” application will lock the smartphone from downloading or launching any other applications, and it will also disallow user to uninstall the “app-lock” application or quit TimeTec Patrol app. If a guard runs away with the phone, the company can use Find My Mobile feature to locate the phone from any web portal.

 Mobile App
1.  If a staff fails to follow a schedule, how would TimeTec Patrol handle it?

TimeTec Patrol will send alert message via emails and push notification to the personnel in charge and the admin could assign another guard to replace the schedule.

2.  Do security companies need to prepare smartphones for the guards or they can use their own?

You can choose either one. However, please make sure that the smartphones be registered into TimeTec Patrol before it can be used.

3.  What are the minimum smartphone specs for TimeTec Patrol?

Any Android phone with OS v 4.0.0 and above that comes with an NFC functionality.

4.  Can a guard delete patrol route from the phone? Can admin do the same?

Neither guards can delete patrol route from the phone, nor the admin. Only administrator can manage the patrol routes through TimeTec Patrol web portal.

5.  With TimeTec Patrol, we can trace the location of the guards using GPS, is there any way to increase the preciseness of the live tracking?

Currently, the GPS location is showing the last known location when the guards tap on the checkpoints.

6.  Is there any way that the location be manipulated by the guards? If yes, how to deal with that situation?

This is not possible because TimeTec Patrol App captures the real time location when the guards scan at the checkpoint and it'll be sent to the system automatically.

7.  How does the Offline Mode in TimeTec Patrol App works?

The Offline Mode is designed to cater for patrol locations that do not have a cellular signal. Hence, turn on the Offline Mode while there is still an Internet connectivity in order to retrieve the latest data, routes, and incident lists from TimeTec server. Once the patrol is done, tap on Upload Data to push the data to the server. For more information, please view the detailed steps here.

 How To's
1.  How to Buy TimeTec Patrol Licenses

TimeTec offers FREE trial for companies to experience TimeTec Patrol first hand. TimeTec Patrol licenses are sold in a block of 10 at USD20 per block per month. For more information, read http://www.timetecpatrol.com/pricing

2.  How to Use TimeTec Patrol App

Make sure the smartphones have been registered with TimeTec Patrol web portal.

Install the TimeTec Patrol App available in Google Play into the smartphone.

Obtain the login access.

And start using it. For the guards, use the TimeTec Patrol App during guard patrol round to tap on every NFC checkpoint and report incidents accordingly.

3.  How to Create Check Points

This is done under Locations & Checkpoint in TimeTec Patrol Web portal. Administrator must register each checkpoint by using the TimeTec Patrol App. Tap the smartphone on the NFC tag to retrieve its unique information and assign it as checkpoint for patrol route.

4.  How to Assign Check Points to Guards

Administrator needs to create a route by arranging multiple checkpoints in a sequence complete with patrol rules. After the routes have been created, administrator can assign guard with their particular routes.

5.  How to Monitor Tour Areas

This can be done under Monitoring page in TimeTec Patrol. When guards started patrolling, the information from the patrol tours will be available on the TimeTec Patrol web in real time provided that the smartphone's Internet is available. All activities, times, reports, photos and etc will be "live" in TimeTec Patrol web.

6.  How to Assess Guards' Performance

This can be done under Patrol Records page in the web version. The details of checkpoint scan times, late/early scans, total checkpoint scan/miss and etc are published in this page for assessment.

7.  How to Create Reports and Send to Clients in Real Time

Once guards send the incident report, the control room will receive the report immediately in real time. Whether or not you choose to share it with your client is your decision but you can.

8.  How to Handle Emergency Situations

There is an SOS button in TimeTec Patrol App. Guards can use the S.O.S function to ask for assistance during emergencies. The S.O.S will trigger alert sound from the smartphone, will make the LED light blink rapidly, automatically snaps the front photos and all information will be sent to the control room complete with the current GPS location immediately

9.  How to Shift Licenses to other Clients

Scenario 1: If you have 20 guards that are working for site A for 6 months, and then they have to move on to site B for the next 6, all you need to do is to reassign locations for them. There is nothing related to shifting of licenses.

Scenario 2: If 10 of these 20 guards left your company and you want to use their licenses for the new incoming group of guards, you just need to move the 10 leaving guards into the Inactive User list if you planned to get some information from the guards that left. By moving then to Inactive User, you can use the 10 licenses on the new guards. Deleting the guards will cause you to lose all the information and it is not reversible.

 On Data Storage
1. How long does TimeTec Patrol keep my patrol data?

TimeTec Patrol keeps your patrol data for a total of 5 years; live data is available for a period of 2 years, and all the data after this period will be moved to the Archive section for up to 3 years. Additionally, you can extend the data storage for an additional of 1, 2 or 3 years with minimal charges and the archive data is available at Support > Archive.

2. How does TimeTec Patrol purge my data that is longer than 5 years?

The patrol data will be purged on a daily basis. For example if today is 2018-1-1, the patrol data on 2012-12-31 will be purged, and as the day goes by, the data from 5 years ago will be purged day by day automatically.

3. Do I need to backup my patrol data manually?

Your patrol data will be kept safely in our server for up to 5 years, but we advise that you keep the archive data that are well over the 5 years period for your own record. Note that you can export the patrol data from Report and save it into your local PC.

4. How can I extend the patrol data storage period?

You can subscribe for additional data storage period of 1, 2 or 3 years by clicking at the ‘Extend Data Storage Period’ (applicable for account owner or billing admin only).
Note that charges will be based on the number of users available in the archived year and the period of extension.
You will see your extended data at Support > Archive.

Pricing for Data Storage Extension refer to this link.