Smart Residential Community

The Problem of Residential Community
Building a robust community in a residential area is always a challenge, and it is even more difficult these days when most residents are occupied all the time. Building a community in a gated-guarded area needs more than building a fence as it comes with many aspects to pay attention to for residential management to create an informed and healthy community fit for a modern lifestyle. Communication, managing guests, fees collection, maintenance matters, security issues, regulatory compliance, building management and more, are crucial areas in managing the desired community.
Why TimeTec?
The adoption of cloud technology in TimeTec iNeighbour truly presents a Smart Residential Community system that fits today's life demands like a glove. Equipped with various modules that tackle all aspects of gated-community living, iNeighbour covers areas of visitor management, security, developer, communication, accounting, and smart home all into one solution that comes complete with a mobile App. iNeighbour brings true modern living into every community effortlessly.
Experience the most comprehensive Smart Community System with iNeighbour that allows the community to take charge of their everyday affairs most safely and efficiently. iNeighbour allows all community members to manage guests, lodge reports and communicate with the management, pay maintenance fees, book facilities, connect with the security post, and more through the mobile App. iNeighbour truly redefines smart living.
Manage residential accounting via i-Account that oversees all aspects of Residential Accounting, from maintenance fees to utility billing, to a late payment interest charge, to batch invoice creation, and more, to better serve the management company and the residents.
TimeTec Patrol
Let the community take charge of security and demand a high professionalism standard from the hired security company. TimeTec Patrol gives a detailed overview of every patrol round conducted in a community and records every incident as it happens to safeguard the premises. No stones are left unturned with TimeTec Patrol, a solution that brings more value to the community.
TimeTec Attendance
TimeTec TA provides a complete staff attendance system, an ideal preventive measure against tardiness, absenteeism, time fraudulent activities and other counterproductive work behaviour because every data is available for Resident's Association/Management to assess and evaluate the performance of each employee.
Create a buzzing neighbourhood with an addition of a marketplace for residents to trade around. Lessen the carbon footprint by doing everything in a group to create a better world for the future.
TimeTec IoT
Smart up your unit with SIRIM certified appliances from TimeTec that connects to the guards for better security.
TimeTec iNeighbour helps to build a smart residential community, one residential at a time. It provides the community with that tool for the things that matter and seamlessly brings everybody together to raise their living standards to another level.
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