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Welcome to TimeTec Global Reseller Program, a well-tailored effective program that helps resellers ride on the trend of Cloud computing and embrace a great opportunity for growth.

The program is brief and straightforward with clear objectives;

to conclude sales in no time
to reduce support cost
more profitable operation
Make your involvement with TimeTec fulfilling and rewarding.

TimeTec Reseller

Let's become a part of Industrial 4.0 movement who are pushing for digitalization, for the betterment of our lives with data, for a greener environment with a paperless, machineless world.

Promote a Greener Planet for future generations
Receive 20%-40% life long* Retail Profit when selling to retail customers**

*Valid so long as active subscription
** Paying for RRP
As a new Reseller, you receive a package worth more when you sign up with the Starter Kit
Receive more points through TimeTec Reseller Reward programme
Access to your very own Reseller Account for details of your sales activities
Professional and comprehensive sales and products Training to support your team
Products are made for the world with different languages to ease your marketing
Readily available Marketing Kit
Grow your customer network with our exclusive programme
Strong support from TimeTec HQ
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