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Battery Consumption Performance
Battery consumption or battery drain problem is one of the main concerns for smartphone users. The contributing factors that drain the battery include:
1. Mobile data - Browsing the Internet and loading contents constantly on a smartphone increase network activity between telco base station and your phone. Hence, the more you use mobile data, the faster the battery drains.
2. Global Positioning System (GPS) - GPS location feature uses the phone processor significantly to receive and decode signals sent out by orbiting satellites to determine your position on Earth. The faster you are travelling, the faster the battery consumes. Turn off GPS when it is not in use.
3. Bluetooth - When the Bluetooth is on, it will keep broadcasting or scanning for Bluetooth signal. Turn the Bluetooth off when you don't use it.
4. Screen Brightness - Adjust the screen brightness to the lower level to reduce the Watts used by your smartphone's LCD screen.
5. Wi-Fi networks - If your phone is always searching for a Wi-Fi signal, it can quickly burn your smartphone power. Therefore, when you're not expecting to connect to a Wi-Fi network, turn off the Wi-Fi feature to prevent your phone from searching for a signal that you won't use.
6. Apps staying busy in the background - You can check which of your apps are using the most battery power in the settings. If the App is not critical, disable them, and you can get through the day without recharging.
7. Apps and data are automatically syncing - Automatically backing up your photos or syncing your apps sounds like a good idea but if your phone battery is consistently dying in the middle of the day, you may want to consider having your phone sync only when you tell it to do so manually or when you connect it to your computer.
8. Resource-intensive apps - Sometimes, if you're addicted to apps that use plenty of data and a lot of battery life, you may be draining your phone's battery life a lot more quickly than you would if you were using a less resource-intensive app. Avoid playing games for long periods, and stay conscious of what you're doing on your phone. So, you would know where the battery has gone.
9. Notifications are going off all day - If you're not going to read that notification, you can disable it or mute the group chat and read it later.
Nonetheless, Apps are one of the contributing factors to the battery usage performance. Some Apps drain-up batteries faster than others. TimeTec, as the developer of multiple business Apps for the workforce management system, security and access control and consumer Apps for smart home and smart office, with all of our endeavour to develop and optimize our Apps to conserve battery at its best.

In this test report, we list the battery usage performance score rating for TimeTec Apps. We are using pCloudy* to test the TimeTec Apps.

The automated testing provided by pCloudy tested our apps in multiple mobile devices in different OS versions**, device specification and screen size. Below is the summary of the test result by pCloudy.
TimeTec Apps Performance Score
i-Neighbour ( v 2.26.2 )
8.3 /10
i-TimeTec ( v 1.9.18 )
9.0 /10
TimeTec Access ( v 1.1.2 )
8.3 /10
TimeTec Leave ( v 1.1.6 )
8.6 /10
TimeTec Patrol ( v 1.4.5 )
7.3 /10
TimeTec TA ( v 5.2.5 )
8.1 / 10
TimeTec VMS ( v 1.4.0 )
7.9 / 10
EpiCamera ( v 2.9.6 )
8.7 /10
OTHER APPS Performance Score
IMDb ( v )
5.6 / 10
Agoda ( v 8.9.0 )
5.7 / 10
Amazon Shopping ( v )
4.3 / 10
BBC News ( v 5.11.0 )
6.6 / 10
For more information, Uswitch has published a list of the top 50 battery-draining apps from the pool of 2 million available apps ( They all have some common grounds like heavily using camera and video streaming, tracking GPS location, and requiring high GPU and CPU for gaming and animation.

TimeTec apps are business applications that do not require intensive GPU and CPU processing power. And, it consumes less mobile data and does not track your GPS location frequently.

pCloudy is a mobile application testing platform on cloud for next-gen app testing. It is owned by Smart Software Testing Solutions Inc.and was founded by former software testing experts at Oracle, Adobe, HCL Technologies, and Wipro. Collectively, they have over 50 years of experience and a strong understanding of the business challenges that enterprises encounter. Their expertise has allowed them to design and integrate signature AI powered cloud-based technology products, which is pCloudy. This tool focuses on streamlining and improving the software development lifecycle by employing manual and automated testing especially targets on the accelerated mobile application software space.

** Multiple devices in different OS versions including OnePlus 3v7.1.1, LG G3-S v4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 v5.02, Motorola MotoE3 Power v6.0.0, LG K10 v5.1.1, Vivo V9 v8.1.0, Samsung S7 Edge v8.0.0, OnePlus 6T v9.0.0, Huawei Honor 8 v7.0.0, Samsung Galaxy v8.0.0