Smart Township
IT Infrastructure, IoT & ELV, Cloud Applications & Super Apps and Data Analytics
TimeTec Smart Township Ecosystem
The essence of a Smart City is not defined by how advanced its ICT infrastructure is, but rather is shaped by hundreds of thousands of connected digital buildings, with billions of interconnected activities happening daily, due to the interactions of millions of people that live, work, and breathe in the city, embracing the digital lifestyle.
What is a Smart Township?

The three levels of the Smart Township Concept
TimeTec Smart Township Ecosystem, the outcome of years of efforts by TimeTec R&D, has started from a smart workforce, people and vehicle flow as its essential modules, later on, plugged in with the smart community system for residential and commercial buildings. It deploys cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence, 5G and big data as its technology infrastructure, comprises more than ten cloud applications, meticulously designed, work perfectly in a standalone or in an integrated environment, to deliver greater automation and efficiency, eventually achieving the comfort of city living. ⠀

The ecosystem covers daily home-life and work-life activities such as work-from-home clocking in the new norm, face recognition in the office, cashless and touchless car parking, access control for doors, turnstiles and elevators, tenant management, facility booking, visitor management, guard patrolling and surveillance, smart home and smart office automation and security, property accounting billing and payment, facility maintenance, a community near field commerce, and many more. All the scenarios are taken care of in TimeTec Ecosystem, suitable for office towers, government buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, residential buildings and etc., to ease the journey of digital transformation. With TimeTec Smart Township Ecosystem, we are championing the 21st century's lifestyle. ⠀

Illustration of TimeTec Smart Township Overview
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Smart Office

The major digital components involved in a multi-tenanted smart office building
TimeTec Building
TimeTec Parking
TimeTec Visitor
TimeTec Access
TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Attendance
TimeTec Leave
TimeTec Claim
TimeTec Hire
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Smart Residential
The high similarity & low differentiation in digital components for Smart Office & Smart Residential Community
VP & Defect Management
TimeTec Visitor
TimeTec Patrol
Smart Home
To ease management and improve engagement for better monetization in a township project, TimeTec can consolidate all the digital components with operational and marketing functionalities into one super App.
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TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem

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