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HR Analytics

Actionable Analytics for Workforce Planning
Gain actionable, data-driven insights into the talent pool to enhance workforce processes and foster a positive employee experience. Predict and shape future outcomes, while simultaneously reducing costly errors and time spent.
Instantaneous Data Mining, Crunching & Data Visualization to Provide 360 on:
Employee Stat & Profiles
Turnover & Retention Rate
Salary & Career Path History
Staff Performance
Demographic Data
Attendance Analysis
Absenteeism Analysis
Leave Pattern
Claim Pattern
Extended Analytics to Unify Other Data Sources of Organization:

Sales Analysis

Costing Analysis

Customer Analysis

Debtor Analysis

Inventory Control Analysis
Predict & Shape Future Outcomes

Predictive analytics with AI-driven self-service mechanism to shape future outcomes and prevent problematic trends from escalating. Forecast changes in talent pools and gaps to proactively address staffing issues and align the workforce with strategic goals.
An Edge that Makes Us Different

On-Point Predictive Data From Experts in HR Analytics Field

Reduce Manday Spent on Data Mining Compared to Other Analytics Tools

Machine Learning Resources that Leverage Artificial Intelligence
Benefits of HR Analytics
Improve Talent Acquisition
Increases Talent Retention
Prevent Workplace Misconduct
Increase Productivity
Uncover Talent Gaps
Improve Employee Experience
Build Highly Engaged Workplace
Reduce Attrition Rate
Spot Hidden Patterns with Machine Learning
Predict & Shape Future Outcomes

Gain Full Visibility into Your Talent Pool Now

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