Save Your Business | TimeTec Patrol
Save Your Business with TimeTec Patrol

Having to deal with the rigidity of a traditional duty roster, not knowing exactly where your security guards are or even wondering what is your security staffs doing during their working hours and figure whether are they really carrying out their duty? Look no further than our spectacular cloud solution designed to manage a company’s security: TIMETEC PATROL

In this day and age, information is vital and crucial for every organization in existence and is very much central in determining the success of a business. The same could be said to security industry and especially this particular industry as every second and minute could amount to a life and death situation. Which is why we believe that TimeTec Patrol is THE solution which will solve all the aforementioned problems and assist you in advancing your business. Below are some of the reasons on why we think so:

Panic Button / Report Incidents
These features can save your lives. No, we mean it literally! With TimeTec Patrol, the guards can tap on the ‘Panic Button’ within their respective smartphones and in 3 seconds, the alarm sound will be activated as well as notifications being sent to the supervisors in charge thus alerting anyone nearby of any urgent matter. On the other hand, security staffs are also able to send in a report of the supposed incidents immediately due to the handy ‘Report Incidents’ function incorporated within the software. Additionally, guards can even include pictures together with the report to ease in explaining the occasional convoluted situation.
Real-Time Data-Monitoring Features
Ever speculate what is going on behind the scenes? With only a minimal monthly subscription fee, you can now have the capability to view all travel routes taken by the patrolling guards instead of hoping that each and every guard you’ve hired will perform his/her duty as efficiently as possible. All we can say is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Who knows? You might be depending on an archaic arrangement that does not even work. Right now, you are provided with the opportunity to explore this seemingly mysterious ‘black box’, so why not take full advantage of it. As the saying goes, “knowing is half the battle”.
ROI Made Clear
Although the repercussion of this aspect isn’t as straightforward as the previous two when ignored, the backlash can just be as devastating to the continuity of a business. Since TimeTec Patrol can provide useful reports such as the Monthly Patrol Report, the guards’ working hours will then be laid out precisely for everyone to examine thus leaving no room for slackness or laziness which most likely could incur valuable resources from the company. Hence, ensuring the efficiency of your workforce indefinitely. Pay for what you need and not the other way around. This is what we expect every customer should possess the right to do so.