Construction Industry

The Problem of Construction Industry
Acing workforce management is critical in the construction industry. Operations have to constantly optimize labour, material, and transportation costs with the project timelines to achieve better productivity and profitability, avoid delays and ineffectiveness on all fronts. In addition, the extensive staff mobility and different work rates for different skills and expertise have posed even more resource planning and cost control challenges to the industry than ever before.
Why TimeTec?
TimeTec eases technology embracement for massive operations like construction. TimeTec solutions centralize construction's workforce needs in one dynamic system that can effectively run various aspects of the workforce for seamless round-the-clock operation. TimeTec solutions get everything covered efficiently in real-time, complete with valuable data, from time-attendance to leave management to safe access and managing new construction projects.
TimeTec Attendance
Keep the workforce together with TimeTec TA, which provides easy and precise attendance data to accurately match work times, work rates, and assigned tasks. Managers can use TimeTec TA to schedule the workforce to achieve profitability and deadline expectations more easily by having all the crucial information handy at all times.
Biometric Devices
Secure up offices and construction sites with FingerTec biometrics to ensure safe and authorized access to all premises and get all data pushed to the cloud via TimeTec solutions for a holistic security overview around the clock.
VP & Defect Management
Assimilate the latest construction projects with the iNeighbour smart community system for technology-ready residential and premises that promises connectivity and better communication.
Solution for Construction Industry
Identify the critical areas of the workforce that require a boost and cloud it up with TimeTec solutions. Start with having all the work time data ready with TimeTec TA, sort the leave management with TimeTec Leave, tackle a variety of claims with TimeTec Claims, amp up security with a combination of FingerTec biometrics access, TimeTec Access and TimeTec Patrol for digitalized operations that are running on actual data.
Champion the usage of technology in daily operations to optimize the growing, dynamic workforce. Construction companies race with time to ensure projects completion and profitability, and TimeTec solutions put accurate data on the table to achieve set goals. TimeTec definitely offers agility for companies to better adapt to the rapid changing world.
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