Retail Workforce Digitalization

The Problem of Managing Employees in Retail Industry
The retail industry highly depends on the workforce to ensure sustainable daily operations all year long. Coping with high turnover, low engagement, seasonal demand, theft and safety issues, amongst others, the industry needs an agile solution that can adapt to these constant challenges head-on.
TimeTec Attendance
TimeTec TA efficiently manages intense staff scheduling, shifts, absences, replacements, overtime, and many more workforce attendance issues, all centralized and real-time. Through honest and accurate data, the management gets to discover the actual problem of the workforce and use that data to cause positive change to benefits all.
TimeTec Leave
TimeTec Leave provides the retail industry with a great tool to manage employee leave efficiently. It comes with an app loaded with updated leave data all the time, and employees can apply for leave and get approval through the app quickly. With TimeTec Leave, the management can monitor the business's operational needs and ensure that the workforce is geared up even during peak seasonal periods.
TimeTec Hire
Take charge of your own hiring by TimeTec Hire. Get your requirements right and let the system sift through the long list of candidates and shortlist the ones you desire. Compress the process, produce better results with the TimeTec Hire solution.
Solution for Retail Workforce Digitalization
Combine TimeTec TA, TimeTec Leave and TimeTec Hire to create a Workforce Super App for the company. Centralize profile, attendance, leave and hire in one system and organize the workforce to meet the increasing retail demands of today.
Embrace the latest technologies in daily operations to optimize the growing, dynamic workforce. The retail companies are balancing the workforce challenges year in and year out, and it's time to let TimeTec solutions put accurate data on the table to achieve those better competence. TimeTec definitely offers flexibility for companies to better adapt to the rapid changing world.
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