Commercial Parking Solutions

The Problem of Commercial Parking
Parking operators require better commercial parking management to solve the various existing parking challenges they face. Parking is no longer limited to finding a space to park your vehicle; the parking experience can be further enhanced by adopting a smart solution and technological innovation in many aspects of parking management and experiences.

Advanced cloud technology and application can tackle the traditional and common parking problems such as shortage of parking space, high and unregulated parking tariffs, traffic congestion in the parking areas, payment options available, parking offences management, inefficiency in using available spaces and more, effectively and with ease. In addition, the technology can open up opportunities for parking operators to do more with insightful data.

The parking industry needs to start taking parking to the next stage and realize its full potential for the business and the overall user experience.
Why TimeTec Parking
TimeTec Parking presents a fresh outlook in solving the common parking problems and introducing data to parking management. The cloud-based application of TimeTec Parking enables parking operators to tap on the various features it presents to elevate the parking experience for all.

TimeTec Parking makes it easy for operators to determine the features a parking location needs, such as the fixed and flexible parking rules, its different and seasonal tariffs, the various promo codes and discounts, manage multi-tenancy locations, enforcement and security, various payment methods, valet, analytics and predictive data, and more. The cloud-based technology of TimeTec Parking also provides operators with more than parking and offers the possibility of a better bottom line and better user experience overall.

Connects to Next Activity Flow
TimeTec Parking connects and extends users to their next activity flow to fully optimize the solution and achieve a better lifestyle. Connect your visitors straight when they park their vehicles with TimeTec VMS and extend your hospitality with a parking fee waiver or discounts. Provide easy and authorized access to staff and visitors with TimeTec Access controlled by a time range and biometrics authentication. Connect to TimeTec workforce attendance solution, TimeTec TA and leave management, and TimeTec Leave to better manage your employees.

TimeTec i-Ad and TimeTec i-Merchant are available for retailers and merchants in the commercial buildings to feature their products and offerings to parking users through the smartphone application.

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TimeTec Access
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