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Building Analytics

Predictive Analytics, perfecting the Digital Twins all under one roof
Utilize our comprehensive analytics suite of services including Tenant Analytics, Parking Analytics, Maintenance Analytics, Security Analytics and Commerce Analytics. These essential tools are designed to enhance building management, ensuring the well-being of your property and the optimization of your tenant portfolio.

Tenant Analytics

Parking Analytics

Maintenance Analytics

Security Analytics
Tenant Analytics
Tenant turnover
Occupancy rates
Outstanding debt
Lead conversion rates
Average days-to-lease
Tenant satisfaction
Inventory of properties
Maintenance & sinking fund collection
Increase customer or tenant satisfaction
Boost property rentals and occupancy
Better accounting control
More accurate advice on tenants and residents
Knowledge of true market value
Parking Analytics

Increase parking occupancy based on user behavior
Maximize parking revenue streams by right-sizing product offerings
Identify dynamic pricing opportunities that enhance your parking strategy
Make period-over-period comparisons
Identify successes and pinpoint areas for improvement
Collection breakdown by duration
Earning per bay
Occupancy rate
Turnover rate
Income per site analysis
User behavior analysis
Different parking methods & next activities
Maintenance Analytics
Time spent
Support & maintenance Cost
Cost by maintenance type
Downtime per asset
Corrective work order
Planned maintenance
Spart part inventory
Size of Backlog
Improve customer service
Reduce maintenance costs
Improve safety and compliance
Optimize field force
Detect fraud
Security Analytics

Automate surveillance
Improve crime detection & prevention
Accelerate investigations
Attain situational awareness dynamically
Drive real time alerting proactively
Visitor analysis
Access control analysis
Video analytics
Identity detection
Guard tour analysis
Facility access analysis

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Workforce Management

Manage your workforce efficiently

Time Attendance
Leave Management
Claim Management
Payroll System
Hire Management
Employee Profile