Factory/ Manufacturing Industry

The Problem of Factory and Manufacturing Industry
Managing workforce-intensive industries such as manufacturing is challenging, especially in a technology-driven economy that requires agile solutions to ensure optimum operations throughout. Moreover, it is hard to find the balance between the workforce, robotics, automation, and IoT for manufacturing companies to achieve output maximization.
Why TimeTec?
TimeTec focuses on providing scalable workforce management digitalization solutions from every side, facilitating the manufacturing industry's smooth transition from conventional operation to technology-driven organizations. With TimeTec, you can forecast, prepare, administer and analyze your workforce to match the business requirements quickly and accurately, all year long.
TimeTec Attendance
Get the best out of your workforce with TimeTec TA solution that centralizes the workforce in a single system, digitalizes attendance reporting, manages work schedule and shifts rotations, and provides insightful reports for better workforce management.
TimeTec Leave
TimeTec Leave simplifies all aspects of leave management, providing an easy tool for the leave approval process and an effective mean for HR to handle the complex and massive leave data for enhanced leave management, and supplies the data to operation for better workforce management.
TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Patrol provides details of all patrol rounds 24/7/365 in real-time without fail. Guards are provided with a great tool to report their duties on time, every time, and reports incidents to the control centre as it happens for better security measures.
TimeTec Visitor
TimeTec VMS offers a visitor management system that embraces technology in making the guests feel welcome and taken care of. Settle all the previsit requirements just before the visit to let the guests experience a smooth visit to your premises with a QR quick scan and instant verification at the security post.
TimeTec Turnstiles integrated with TimeTec Access, a combination that enables turnstile access by using TimeTec Access App, get all the access activities in real-time for transparency and extra security.
Facial Recognition
Secure up offices and construction sites with FingerTec biometrics to ensure safe and authorized access to all premises and get all data pushed to the cloud via TimeTec solutions for a holistic security overview around the clock.
TimeTec Building
TimeTec Building is the modern solution for commercial property management. It is equipped with all the essential functionalities in one TimeTec Tenant super App, plus the integration with other cloud-based main modules.
Solution Factory/ Manufacturing Industry
Customize TimeTec solutions to suit your operations' needs and achieve the best digitalization results possible. Mix and match the solutions and bring your workforce possibilities to another level.
TimeTec solutions can help manufacturing companies achieve workforce optimization through reliable data from all aspects of operations. Analysis of the data could pinpoint the vulnerabilities and flaws in daily operation for impactful remedial actions going forward.
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