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The Problem of Managing a Commercial Building Security
Managing commercial building security requires more than just appointing a security firm to handle the whole security aspect and leave them to it. Whether you lease offices, warehouses, or stores from a commercial building, you need to ensure comprehensive commercial security, which can provide you with data that justify the security standard you expect.

The common challenges in managing commercial building security include unauthorized access, insufficient security layer, vulnerable landlines system, high upfront cost, ineffective security procedure, etc. With the rise in the latest technology offerings, no one system fits all. A better choice is a mix and match of security options to customize the security to the desired level.
Why TimeTec?
TimeTec solutions provide a combination of cloud-based technology applications, biometrics, IoT and data to give commercial building more value for its security. TimeTec VMS recognizes visitors before the visits with pre-registration and verification; it deals with the walk-in visitors smoothly with accurate verification and health declaration to eliminate any risks from the get-go. In addition, it provides an overview of all visitors inside a building accurately, complete with data for detailed reporting.

Identify the layers of access points, devices they require and link them to TimeTec Access to monitor the access from all sides for heightened security. TimeTec Patrol gives a detailed overview of every patrol round conducted in a building and records every incident as it happens to safeguard the premises. It allows incidents to be reported in real-time and offers two-way communication between the control centre and the guards for effective security management. Connect all cameras to TimeTec Surveillance for better security of the building and keeps everything on the cloud for data safety. Link a variety of TimeTec IoT products to one centralized solution and application for more dependable security throughout.

TimeTec Visitor
TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Access
TimeTec Surveillance
TimeTec IoT
Combining all TimeTec security devices and solutions provides commercial building management with great options to properly plan, manage and execute its security. TimeTec solutions also provide data, records and reports that justify actions, decision making, and future planning, and with the great price it offers, TimeTec is genuinely the security you need for your commercial security building.
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