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TimeTec Smart City
TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem
Touchless Biometrics Solution with Body Temperature Crowd Control and Masked Individual Recognition
Smart AC1/TD : Your Initial Shield Against Covid-19
TimeTec x KONE, A Sparkling Cooperation
TimeTec Device Stands
TimeTec BoTEMP Series
Practical Guidance to Reduce Cross-Contamination on Biometric Readers
TimeTec Cloud Platform - Cloud Solutions for Workforce Management & Security Industries
TimeTec Global Reseller Program
TimeTec TA
Time Beacon
Supervisor Clocking
TimeTec TA’s Covid-19 Safety Measures: Record Staff Body Temperature and Trace Close Contact History
Combat Covid-19 : Go Contactless & Personal with TimeTec TA Cloud Time & Attendance System
Revive Workforce Management with TimeTec TA
Revive Workforce Management with TimeTec TA (Malay)
Revive Workforce Management with TimeTec TA (Chinese)
Get Started With TimeTec TA
Easy Attendance Clocking with TimeTec TA App
App Approval Request Guide
Roster and Monitoring Report
Notification, Setting & Help Centre
Cloud-Based Staff Attendance & Scheduling Made Easy
TimeTec Leave
Effective time out, Productive time in
Efficient Workforce Leave Management
TimeTec Hire
Exclusive Online Talent Recruiting
TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Patrol, A Cloud Way to Secure Your Building
Patrolling Made Effective with TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec VMS
TimeTec VMS for restaurants/retailers
Hassle-free Visitor Management with Cloud Technology
TimeTec Parking
TimeTec Smart Parking System - Go Beyond Parking
TimeTec Parking - How to Purchase a Season Pass
TimeTec LPR - Perfects the Touchless and Cashless Parking
Smart Door Lock - Unlock Your Door Via Smartphone
Unlocking your doors via your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
i-TimeTec: How to install the BLE-1, the door accessories and i-TimeTec App via Mobile
QF Master
Unlock doors with Face via TimeTec QF Master
Intelligent Environmental Sensing
Surveillance From The Clouds
iNeighbour Access Control - Face ID5
iNeighbour Introductory
i-Neighbour - A Trusted Solution Makes Your Friendly Neighbourhood Secure
i-Neighbour- Welcome Friends, Deter Strangers
TimeTec License Plate Recognition System (TimeTec LPR)
Vacant Possession Module
Defect Management Module
bR301 - Bluetooth Smart Card Reader for Visitor Management
Smart Card Reader for Visitor Management
Niaga Kini Astro Awani
i-Neighbour Demonstration (Part I)
i-Neighbour Demonstration (Part II)
Unlock doors with Face via TimeTec QF Master
Break in | i-Neighbour CSR
Robbery | i-Neighbour CSR
Emergency | i-Neighbour CSR
Rape | i-Neighbour CSR
Corporate Video CSR Program Servicing Team REV5 0
i-Neighbour CSR Program Yong Meng @ WeBuildEasy
i-Neighbour CSR Program Venon Tian @ Ezipod
i-Neighbour CSR Program Mr Teh @ TimeTec
i Neighbor CSR Program Annie Low @ McWEA
Ads Video 8 i-Neighbour CSR Program 1080p
Robbery Ken Serena @ CTA REV3 0
Is Your Neighbourhood Safe?