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Payment Policy
Payment Options
Payments for your subscription can be made directly to TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd. or through our authorized resellers worldwide.
For payments that are paid directly to TimeTec Cloud Sdn. Bhd., customers have 3 payment options:
1. Auto-Debit through Braintree where the payment will be auto-deducted from an authorized credit card or
2. Paypal, an online payment channel
3. T/T, Telegraphic Transfer payment through banks
•  Customers are strongly recommended to choose auto-debit payment through Braintree, a subsidiary of PayPal, to auto renew cloud subscription and ensure uninterrupted access to the cloud services. Braintree accepts Visa and Mastercard for payments.
•  For payment by PayPal, you can use Visa , MasterCard, and American Express cards to make payments.
•  For payment by T/T the account information is as below:
Beneficiary's Name: TimeTec Cloud Sdn Bhd (832542-W)
Account No.: 3176 5268 36 (MYR)
3593 6726 19 (USD)
Swift Code: PBBEMYKL
TimeTec Cloud is using US dollar as the currency for all transactions, however PayPal and Braintree provide an option to select your primary currency when using the online payment gateway. You can change your primary currency anytime.
For those who are purchasing through any of TimeTec’s authorized resellers worldwide, they can choose to pay their subscription through the reseller with local billing.
When the payments are made to TimeTec resellers, TimeTec will not liable for any local taxes e.g. VAT (Value Added Tax) or GST that are imposed locally. The amounts charged to you by us, whether through your credit card or otherwise, may be subject to and include applicable taxes, including without limitation withholding taxes. It is your responsibility to remit any taxes that apply to your transactions. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any claim arising out of your failure to do so.
Subscription Cycle
Subscription cycle payment options offered are for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually.
You can choose any type of payment cycle and certain discounts apply for longer payment cycle.
Refund Policy

You can terminate your account at anytime by sending a termination email to the Company at
Refunds are granted on an approval basis, and you may be eligible for a refund for any unused subscription time, subject to approval by TimeTec management.
Any refund will be calculated based on a MONTHLY subscription rate. Any subscription usage exceeding of 1 day shall be calculated as 1 month of subscription.
A Refund Processing Fee of USD10 shall be charged to you. Refunds will be credited to your account. You will need to possess a Paypal account so that the refund can be credited to your Paypal account. All processing fees or bank charges shall be borne by you. If you make subscription fee payment via your reseller, the refund shall be made by your reseller to you.
Payment FAQs
Any issues or problems when using PayPal services, go to this link to obtain selfhelp.
Any issues or problems when using BrainTree services, refer to this link.
Any problems with TimeTec, email to