Comparison | TimeTec Patrol


Manual Guard Patrol TimeTec Patrol
Fixed Schedule Assigned Manually
Without having a system to prepare the route schedules to be distributed on the day to individual guard automatically and discretely, the super needs to prepare everything beforehand assigned the whole routes on the day of duty. And this could pose a threat to security because the guards could actually expose the schedules to strangers with dubious plans. Without the ability to easily change the scheduled routes, the super tends to follow the usual routes to make things easier for them to manage.
Random and Rotated Schedule Prepared Online
With TimeTec Patrol, the super can prescheduled the patrol routes which will only be revealed one by one when the guard starts his duty, without completing one route, the guard will not know what the next duty will be. This will safeguard the security plan from being exposed to unauthorized persons and providing peace of mind to the clients. The supervisor can easily randomize the schedules without jeopardizing the effectiveness of security operations.
Inaccurate Manual Records
The absence of an automated system to monitor the guard tour will expose the company to dishonest and inaccurate records of the guard tour. Guards can skip routes due to bad weather or simply because they don't want to go to difficult places like top of the building. However, without doing the rounds, they can still report the duty as done just for the formality of it. This will not only put a dent on security plan but it also costs the hiring company wasted payment to the security company/guards.
Accurate Overview of Guard Tour
TimeTec Patrol makes sure that each route assigned by the company is toured and checked by the guard. Any route being skipped by the guards will not advance them any other route because the system will not tell them the next route without them completing the current one. Hence, the client, the security company and the guards know that the system is always watching and demand that they carry out their duties properly.
During Tour The Guards Disappear
There is no way of knowing the whereabouts of the guards during the patrolling sessions even though roughly the supervisor would know the area of the patrol, because after assignment of tour, the guards proceed with their tasks and disappears without any means to trace them.
Knowing the Exact Locations of The Guards At All Times
TimeTec Patrol can locate the whereabouts of each guard by enabling the geolocation tag in the smartphone. At the security headquarters, the superior can contact the guards immediately if the guards are not located in their assigned locations or tasks, and this feature can also be used during emergency to locate the guard immediately..
The Tour Routes are Fixed
Without having a system to communicate with the guards on duty, the supervisor cannot be assigning them anything new from the assigned tour routes regardless of emergency or urgent requirements.
Assigned Additional Duty/Routes While On Duty
A direct message can be sent to the guard's smartphone thru TimeTec Patrol app to give them a new task based on some urgent requirements from example when a tenant requires the guard to check their unit because somebody reported hearing abnormal sound coming from the house or etc.
Time Details are not Available
Manual Guard Patrol System will not be furnishing you with the times in between checkpoints, but only the start and end time. The guards that are given for example an hour to complete 15 checkpoints can freestyle on the timing as long as they complete all the checkpoints within the given time. The disadvantage of freestyling is the fact that the guards can do whatever they like in between "free" times before the end time comes.
Time Details Are Available for More Effective Patrol Tour.
TimeTec Patrol provides the guards with specific durations for them to go from one checkpoint to another. Any late check-in to any checkpoints will be reported to the system and the guards need to have good reasons to explain the delay.
Post Incident Report
Manual system has no way of reporting the incidents as it happen and all will be done after patrol is completed and the reporting is usually done verbally or by written statement to their superiors based on the memory or the guards imagination.
Reporting of Incidents As It Happens
TimeTec Patrol provides an outlet for the guards to report any incidents during patrolling duty as it happens. The guards can provide snapshots of the incidents as supporting evidence to the claim.
Walkie Talkie For Emergency
The manual system usually uses walkie-talkie for any emergency but the guards need to explain to the headquarters what happens before help can be sent.
SOS Made Easy
With TimeTec Patrol the guards can tap on the Panic button on the smartphone and in 3 seconds the alarm sound will be emitted from the phone to alert people nearby. At the same time the phone will be sending a message to the supervisor in charge with the location of the guard and help can be sent immediately. Silent mode also can be selected in order to request back up discreetly without drawing attention to self when intruders are detected.
ROI isn't Accounted For
Guards are simply paid based on their clocked time without taking into consideration their effectiveness/productivity/efficiency. You maybe paying for Patrol Guard System that isn't securing your premise.
ROI is Clear
Guards are paid based on the schedules and duty completed. Their effectiveness/productivity/efficiency can be seen through the reports generated and ensure that your premises are guarded & secured at every scheduled hour.