SME Workforce Digitalization

What is SME Workforce Digitalization?
Today's fast-paced business environment demands data-driven, insightful, and resilient solutions to adapt to the changing world. TimeTec offers an array of practical solutions that empower workforce management, discover your team's great value and aim for better growth and bottom line.
TimeTec Attendance
  TimeTec Attendance offers automation of attendance recording, provides real-time data and extensive reports and offers insightful data for better decision making for better workforce management.
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TimeTec Leave
  TimeTec Leave App simplifies leave applications, approvals and cancellations in real-time, automates accruals for updated balance all year long to manage your workforce efficiently.
TimeTec Claim
  TimeTec Claim digitalizes all claim processes and eases approvals and two-way communications for better management, cost control and a better bottom line.
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TimeTec Payroll
  TimeTec Payroll offers automation of your monthly payroll process, it is a secured and easy-to-use cloud payroll system that does every payroll possessing for you.
TimeTec Hire
  TimeTec Hire empowers your hiring process, automates processes to save time and cost for the best candidates for your team.
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TimeTec Profile
  TimeTec Profile brings all employees data into one centralized system with uniform details for you to easily access the data for years.
Why SME Workforce Digitalization?

You know what's best for your company. So pick and choose, mix and match TimeTec seamless solutions with Fingertec biometric devices. These devices are capable of integrating with Time Attendance, together to give you the best combination that works excellently for your organization.

Our solutions alleviate mundane and tedious processes, provide you with all the relevant data your team needs to smoothly navigate daily operations, and have the data ready for you during those crucial decisions.

All in all, our solutions provide you with great insights into your business for an improved employee engagement and better company's growth and bottom line.
Automate & Centralize Data
Cost Control
Systematic Overtime & Approval Rules
Report Efficiency
Accurate Report
Process Efficiency
Real time monitoring & notification
Be the frontrunner in your industry by embracing workforce digitalization to its fullest. Get your team running 50% more efficient with technology, make data the forefront of your operation by utilize our accurate reports, a change of pirority, a leap in 35% efficiency and get everybody connected and engaged in achieving excellence.
Why TimeTec ?
With over two decades of experience in workforce management, we have designed solutions that match your needs, and we keep on creating value for you in the years to come.
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