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Needs to Warm up to Cloud-Based Guard Monitoring to Retain Clients.

No solution lasts forever. Technology disruption is real, and it is now ready to shake the security world. The reason is very apparent, the world is changing with time and as a service provider, we have to keep up with the pace or be left behind.
Fast Facts about the Problems of Conventional Guard System
Lack Transparency
Conventional guard system usually involves manual data collection, which means that the data can be tempered with by the authorized personnel to present much desired reports to the interested parties. With this obvious loophole, doctored reports can be easily produced much to the dismay of the clients. Hence, the clients should find a solution that can eradicate this problem once and for all.
Delayed Reports/Data
Conventional security guard equipments do not have the capability to emit the data to the control room on the spot. Hence, you can only receive the data or important information at the end of a shift. This is not enough when the real-time data is readily provided by some other services, and accessible from anywhere through any browsers.
Lack Value
Data remains as data and it’s not as useful unless it can be interpreted into reports that can be used to keep the customers safe and the assets protected. And conventional software usually cannot provide more insight into the data than what the latest offerings could.
Complication Reduces Effectiveness
Most conventional software for patrolling system is complicated to use, difficult to set up or unable to respond to commands properly; and the guards on duty can’t be expected to handle all that on top of providing patrol services.
Hardware is expensive and investing money on unnecessary hardware would only cost you money but it doesn't equate effectiveness.
In order to provide more value for the services that you provide, the company must be well aware of the technology trend in the market and tap on that to bring advantages to your establishment. Choose a system that can provide real-time data, not hardware-heavy, free from data manipulation, provide instant reports, offer simple operation yet effective outcome and most of all, the system must be affordable and scalable to the business's requirements.
Advantages of Cloud-Based Patrol Solutions
Tap on BYOD/simple IoT, i.e. Smartphone; App is free and easy.
Checkpoint hardware is simple, inexpensive, easy to install and easy to configure.
Can be scaled according to business's requirements, up or down without having dire cost implications.
Report of incidents can be submitted instantly; complete with video, photo attachment for fast review and remedy.
Reports can be generated at any time, via any web browsers.
Data integrity is intact with no possible data manipulation.
Support and maintenance is taken care by the supplier.
The service is affordable.