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Detailing patrol activities, improve security

TimeTec Patrol centralizes guard management and monitoring system on cloud, available online at At a minimal monthly subscription fee, TimeTec Patrol provides security firms with an effective system and a mobile app that is able to manage the profile and duty assignments of all security guards in one centralized system. TimeTec Patrol allows supervisors to assign patrol tasks easily, collect tour times and record tour activities in real-time during patrol duties. TimeTec Patrol is packed with useful functions, crucial patrolling history, audit trails, as well as incident details to provide customers with all information required for every patrol session.
Patrolling Device
Replace the conventional guard tour devices with NFC and Beacon (BLE Bluetooth) enabled smartphones, download the TimeTec Patrol app and the guards are good to go.
Manage Patrolling Routes
On top of the route assigned, supervisors can assign guards on duty with new tasks and additional routes on an ad hoc basis with ease.
S.O.S Panic Button
During an emergency, guards can push the panic button on the TimeTec Patrol App, and this S.O.S function will automatically capture photos, record GPS location and send alerts to the emergency contacts.
Measurable ROI
TimeTec Patrol is value for money, because it provides users with accurate data to assess the effectiveness of their prevailing security personnels.
Checkpoint Tour System
To manage checkpoint routes for multiple clients and locations, get real-time updates for every checkpoint scanned on your guards’ tours.
Report Incidents
Guards can report incidents on patrols straight to the management in real-time with proofs and notes.
GPS Tracking
Supervisors can view real-time GPS locations of their entire mobile security team. TimeTec Patrol also provides searchable historical reports and shifts in specific GPS locations.
Secure Data Storage
TimeTec Patrol runs on Amazon EC2 platform and uses block level storage volumes by Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) which ensures the safety, security and reliability of your stored data.
TimeTec Patrol Application for Efficient Guard Management
TimeTec Patrol in Mobile App
Report and View Patrol Records Easily
Get TimeTec Patrol App from Google Play for your guards to view and report patrolling activities through a few simple steps!
System & Data Management
• Offer easy and automatic daily full system data backup and simplified full system recovery
• User selectable ODBC compatible database is used to meet the enterprise level requirements, e.g. MySQL
• Support different levels of user privilege settings.
Complete Automation
High Quality Information
Measurable ROI
Exceed Expectations
Key Features
Patrolling Management
Create checkpoints and routes for patrolling, and setup incident types and notification recipients.
  NFC/Beacon as Checkpoints
  Routes for Patrolling
  Incident Notifications
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Mobile App
View and scan checkpoints for patrolling on mobile.
  View Routes and Checkpoints
  Report Incidents
  Ad hoc Task
  S.O.S Panic Button
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Guard & Patrol Management
Manage guards profile and view complete patrolling details.
  Guard Information
  Multi layered Patrol Location
  Complete Patrol Record Details
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Obtains all data for better and more efficient guard management.
  Pre-Configured Reports
  Multiple Filter Options
  Save in Various Formats and Print
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