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Zest Point

Discover Zest Point and LPR Parking, Where Modern Living Thrives in Kinrara, Puchong
Nestled in the heart of Kinrara, Puchong, Zest Point stands as a vibrant residential development that encapsulates contemporary living at its finest. Zest Point is more than just a residential area; it's a thoughtfully designed township that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The architecture incorporates sustainability, ensuring energy efficiency and a greener environment.

Zest Point redefines the way residents live by offering an array of amenities to promote well-being and community engagement. With fitness centers, green parks, and a bustling commercial district, everything is within reach.

Zest Point's strategic location ensures effortless connectivity to major highways, neighboring townships, and essential facilities. This makes daily commuting and access to education, healthcare, and shopping a breeze.

At its core, Zest Point nurtures a vibrant community through events and gatherings. Residents can build meaningful connections, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie. Zest Point sets a new benchmark for urban living, blending modern architecture, sustainability, and a thriving community. And its recently upgrade with TimeTec License Plate Recognition Smart Parking System to achieve seamless cashless and touchless parking experience, further enhanced its amenities to represent a glimpse into the future of harmonious city living. In essence, Zest Point isn't just a residence – it's a lifestyle. With its contemporary design, thoughtful amenities, connectivity, and sense of community, Zest Point epitomizes the essence of modern living in Kinrara, Puchong.
TimeTec Smart Parking System
TimeTec Smart Parking System, equipped with ticketless, cashless and touchless functionalities, is enhanced with the next activities flow, be it mall shopping, business visiting, go to work, back to home and etc, extended to its fullest, helping building owners to achieve better parking experience for both casual and season parking.

TimeTec Smart Parking System also offers a wide range of parking and payment methods at its front end, such as Touch n Go card, Touch n Go RFID, license plate recognition, QR code, eWallet, credit and debit card, and etc., furnished in a state-of-the-art unattended kiosk, TimeTec TPK at the entry and exit lanes, to ease the access and payment process.

For the back end, cloud-based TimeTec Smart Parking System provides real-time parking update for administrator, suitable for single parking site to multiple locations large scale parking deployment. Its comprehensive features like parking guidance, flexi parking rules, remote terminal monitoring, parking app, valet parking, enforcement module, find my car, book a spot, promo code, multiple merchants and rules validation, analytical dashboard and consolidated reports, efficiently reducing cost and improving productivity for parking operation in modern building management, and allowing building owners further monetization with TimeTec i-Ad and Near Field Commerce modules.

With TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem as its backbone, we revolutionize the parking industry, and brings TimeTec Smart Parking System beyond parking to a whole new level in the digital transformation era. For more information, please visit our website at:http://www.timetecparking.com