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TimeTec LPR eWallet Direct
The best parking experience for a user should be, barrier auto uplifted when entering and exiting a parking site, without going through any tedious payment process in between. This can be achieved with TimeTec eWallet Direct License Plate Recognition (LPR) System, the parking fee is auto deducted from the user’s eWallet when exiting the parking site.
Touch n’ Go, Setel, more to onboard.
99.7% embedded with machine-learning technology that constantly improves reading accuracy.
Auto Pay Machine, Touch n’ Go card and Credit/Debit Card.
Comprehensive and interactive analytics charts to improve management e ciency.
Promo code made easy, suitable for shopping malls, hotels, convention halls, etc.
Visitor management, security, access control, advertisement, liberate data ow to build a better ecosystem for smart building.
Consolidate all casual parking, season parking, enforcement and valet parking modules.
Multiple LPR models L series, M series and H series to choose from.
System Diagram
MODEL L Series M Series H Series
Image Sensor 1/3" Progressive Scan CMOS 1/2.8" starlight-level CMOS
Max Resolution Jpeg 1920 × 1200 1920(H) x 1080(V)
Min. illumination Color: 0.022Lux@(F1.2, AGC ON), Color: 0.01Lux B/W: 0.011Lux@(F1.2, AGC ON) Color: 0.01Lux
Shutter Speed & Lens 1/30 s to 1/100,000 s, 3.1 mm to 6 mm,
Support IR Cut Filter
0-1ms or customized (2.8~12mm lens)
Image Setting Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, image ip, gain, exposure time Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, image flip, gain, exposure time
Video Compression H.264/H.265/MJPEG H265/H264/MJPEG/intelligent detection structured data output
Picture Format & Analytic JPEG with con gurable quality, Support LPR JPEG with con gurable quality, Support LPR
LPR Accuracy 99.5% 99.7%
Comprehensive Capturing Recognition Rate ≥99.99% ≥99.99%
Working Temperature & Humidity -25°C to 70°C, 90% or less (non-condensing) -25°C to 70°C, 90% or less (non-condensing)
Network Interface 1 channel 10/100Mbps adaptive Rj45 1 channel 10/100Mbps adaptive Rj45
Communication Interface 1 RS-485 Port. IO output: 2 channels:, 1O input: 3 Channel IO output: 2 channel, IO input: 4 channel, RS485: 1 channel
Extra Deep Learning Technics - 2 million starlight imaging e ect, dual core processor CNN acceleration
LPR Algorithm Supports Malaysia Car Plate Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand Car Plates
Power Supply 12 VDC, PoE (802.3af) or AC100V~240V Support 9 ≤ 15V DC, standard 12V/2A
Type LED: 2-line dual color English Display LED: 2-line full color English Display Color LCD Display
Size 31*15cm, 2,048 dot, Green and Red Color 31*15cm, 8,129 Dot 48*27cm
Design & Material Bare Pole, epoxy powder coated Designed housing, epoxy powder coated
Protection Rate IP65 IP65
Fill Light Option Standard
TimeTec eWallet Direct FAQ
For Users:
1. I already have Setel & TnG eWallet, how do I activate LPR eWallet Direct?
STEP 1: Launch your preferred eWallet, either Touch ‘n Go or Setel.
STEP 2: Add your vehicle:
Touch ‘n Go: Tap on ‘Parking’ icon, select ‘LPR Parking
Setel: Tap on ‘Profile’, select ‘My Vehicle
STEP 3: Tap on the toggle to enable automated parking.  
After completing these steps, you are ready to experience seamless touchless and cashless transactions at LPR eWallet Direct parking sites, with the list of available locations continually growing.
2. If I have both Setel and TnG turned on for eWallet Direct, am I exposed to the risk of being charged twice for the same parking fee?
No. You will only be charged either by TnG or Setel eWallet.
3. If I am only charged by one eWallet, which eWallet will it be? Can I set my preference?
No, you can’t set your preference for which eWallet will be charged. The preference is determined by the parking operator or building owner.
4. What if my eWallet does not have enough balance to cover the parking fee? Can I tap with my card (TnG, credit card, or debit) at the exit lane if the parking site also has a cashless kiosk as an option?
Yes, you can pay by using a TnG card, credit card, or debit card in that scenario. This is the fallback feature provided by TimeTec Parking System.
5. Will my eWallet notify me if I enter a parking site equipped with the eWallet Direct feature?
Yes, most eWallet providers will provide this feature, but it depends on the eWallet provider. As the prominent eWallet Direct smart parking provider to onboard more eWallets, we will encourage all eWallet providers to comply.

However, users can download the TimeTec Parking app (available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Huawei AppGallery) as a backup for notifications and enjoy additional benefits like consolidation of parking payment records, printing parking receipts, checking parking rates, parking bays availability before entry, promo codes, safety feature, season parking, etc.
6. After I enter the car park, does the eWallet provide any safety features to prevent car theft?
It largely depends on the eWallet provider. If car safety is your concern, you may download the TimeTec Parking App from either the Apple App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery. You can use the toggle feature to ‘lock’ your car from exiting the parking site whenever you enter a TimeTec eWallet Direct enabled site. Make sure to ‘unlock’ it before you leave the parking site.
7. How many eWallets currently participate in your eWallet Direct platform?
Currently, two eWallets participate: TnG and Setel. We will onboard more eWallets in the near future.
8. If I enter a parking site using eWallet Direct, such as a shopping mall or hotel that has promotions to waive or give discounts for parking fees, can this be validated?
No worries, TimeTec Smart Parking System provides comprehensive promo code and validation features to accommodate the building's requirements for validation.
9. If I don’t have eWallet Direct enabled, can I still enter the eWallet Direct car park?
Yes. The parking operators or building owners usually provide many other options, such as cashless kiosks at the exit lanes, autopayment machines, or QR Scan to Pay.

However, we encourage users to activate their eWallet Direct to enjoy a seamless parking experience that benefits users.
For Parking Operators/Building Owners:
1. My site already equipped with an LPR system. Can I upgrade to enable eWallet Direct? What is the extra cost?
Yes, if your site is already equipped with the TimeTec LPR System, you just need to apply to activate this feature at no additional cost.

For parking sites equipped with other LPR systems, you can contact us to conduct a free site visit to determine if our eWallet Direct system can support your current LPR cameras and to determine any extra costs involved.
2. For a parking site that doesn’t have LPR, what is the investment cost for eWallet Direct?
If your site is currently using the TimeTec Cashless Parking System, you just need to add LPR equipment to enhance your existing cashless system to a cashless and touchless parking system with a minimal investment.

For other cashless parking sites, you can contact us to conduct a free site visit to determine any extra costs involved.
3. Will the MDR be higher than other cashless parking methods?
The MDR for eWallet Direct is usually lower than other cashless methods. You may contact us to find out.
4. I am new to LPR, and I noticed eWallet Direct is tied up with LPR or License Plate Recognition technology. How high is the accuracy? If the LPR fails to read the correct car plate number, what should I do?
LPR technology is now quite common in parking systems in Malaysia. The accuracy rate can reach as high as 99.7% and above. Besides Malaysia’s car plate numbers, TimeTec LPR cameras can also read Singapore and Thailand’s car plate numbers, which sometimes enter West Malaysia. system with a minimal investment.

For any remaining inaccuracies due to reasons such as fancy car plate numbers, they are normally handled by your operations team, as with common issues encountered in other parking methods.
5. If more eWallets join your eWallet Direct platform, will it complicate my account reconciliation?
No worries. The TimeTec Parking system and back office will help you to simplify and automate the consolidation and reconciliation process.
6. Can the LPR equipment used in eWallet Direct also be used for the season parking system?
Yes, you are encouraged to combine both casual and season parking into one parking method to streamline your operations. TimeTec Smart Parking offers comprehensive season parking solution, including valet and event parking as well, all can be managed under one single platform, extended for multiple sites.