Discount & Promo Codes | TimeTec Parking

Discounts & promo code

TimeTec Parking offers Two types of Discounts & Promo Code Features:
Mobile app users collect promo code and use it to get discount when paying parking free.
TNG card users can validate TNG card in order to get discount on parking fee.
Parking Operators
Configure the type of discount i.e. money discount, percentage discount, time discount or free of charge to apply with individual promo code.
Control the maximum usage of individual promo codes
Set validation date or time for individual promo codes
Distribute to shop or business owner.
Shop/Business owners
Print and publish the promo code to customers to scan, save and use
No additional hardware i.e. ticket validator is required
Use TimeTec Parking mobile app to scan and save promo code
To review the discount type and effective date range of individual promo code
  Select promo code to use while paying parking fee inside the TimeTec Parking app
System Overview
1. Promo Code - Setup & Distribute
2. Promo Code - Use During Payment