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Manage Leave Policies, Rules & Restrictions
Implement your company’s leave policies, rules, and restrictions in a centralized leave management system on cloud.
Prorate Leave Balance
Calculation of prorated leave made simpler for workforce that joins midyear, thus providing HR with peace of mind.
Automate Leave Approval/Application
Apply and approve leave with convenience directly from a smartphone installed with TimeTec Leave App.
Check Leave Balance
Don't be bogged down by unnecessary bureaucracy, TimeTec Leave lets the staff check their own leave balances at anytime.
Labor Compliance
Leave is a right of every employee; make sure that you manage it right and complies with the labor law.
Assign Allowances
Reduce labor-intensive leave entitlement calculation and automate leave allowances based on service duration and relevant policy
Manage Service Accruals
Auto top up leave allowance and auto switch leave policy depending on service duration and entitlement.
Better Operation with Crunch Time
When the going gets tough, some organizations couldn’t afford to have key people missing; block that Crunch time for smoother operation.
Manage Leave Plan
By knowing leave allowances, crunch time and etc, staff can manage their leave better and contribute productively.
Accessible Data
With TimeTec Leave, obtain your leave data at anytime, from anywhere without any fuss, and enjoy your leave with peace of mind, at all times.
TimeTec Leave Application for Workforce Management
Leave Application Approval
Made Easy
TimeTec Leave provides a pragmatic mobile app to make leave application and approval as breezy as possible without compromising on the rules and regulations of the company.
Check your leave balance directly from yoursmartphone through TimeTec Leave mobile app and at the same time you can:

• Apply for your entitled leave
• Get approval instantaneously
• Amend your leave application easily
• Manage your leave with convenience
• View leave entitlements
• Apply for leaves via mobile or web
• Receive notifications on approved/ rejected leave applications
• Get notification on leave application through your martphone.
• Do approval anytime anywhere, even while you are on the go or away from the office
• Manage your workforce better to ensure smooth-running operation
• Perform leave application approval from web or mobile
• Get the overview of employees on-leave
• Generate reports
Manage Users &
Organizational Chart
TimeTec Leave provides your company with a platform to set your own leave policies, rules and restrictions based on your company's requirements and labor compliance.
Regulate Leave Policies, Rules & Restrictions
Add users into TimeTec Leave & assign them to the respective organization or department.
• You only need to key in the leave details in the system one time, to systemize the whole organization leave management
• Automates process of leave management, there by providing convenience and accurate traceable records at all times.
• Offers real-time updated leave information for better operation and workforce management
• Ensure all records are available and updated at all times without human errors in data entry and calculation.

Setup leave policies, type and restrictions.
Leave Allowances
Set leave allowances for service accrual and prorated leave.
Audit Data & Reporting
Leave rules apply automatically
Generate reports for analysis and reference.
Leave is every staff’s entitlement and companies must manage it right to avoid operation breakdown and future complications
• 5 leave reports available for use
• Report layout is configurable and customizable
• Multiple filters for easy management
• Generate reports in pdf, xls, doc, csv & html
System & Data Management
• Offer easy and automatic daily full system data backup and simplified full system recovery
• User selectable ODBC compatible database is used to meet the enterprise level requirements, e.g. MySQL
• Support different levels of user privilege settings
• Effective approval system
Complete Automation
High Quality Information
Measurable ROI
Exceed Expectations
TimeTec Leave in Mobile App
Breeze Through Leave Processes
Install the App from App Store or Google Play and enjoy taking leave with only just a few touches away!
Benefits of TimeTec Leave
• Fast and easy system deployment • Minimize burden on HR, IT and support staff • Low upfront capital investment
• Predictable monthly payments for effective financial planning • Multi-branch management made easy • Accessible via Internet
• Free, fast and regular software updates • Optimal uptime and system reliability • Reduce maintenance and upgrade costs
• Reduce errors and improve HR management • Leave policy awareness • Simpler tracking process
• Unlimited worldwide support from global partner network • Multilocation holiday management transparency; lift employee morale
• Secure, redundant and environmentally conscious data center • Leave application & approval at your fingertips
Key Features
Regulate Leave Settings
Define your organization’s leave policies, rules & restrictions for better workforce management.
  Leave Policy with service accrual
  Leave Type
  Leave Restriction
  Staff entitlement with Prorated Leave
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Application And Approval
Simplify the application and approval process without compromising on quality and results.
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Leave Overview
Quick overview on the leave taken by the employee for better daily operation and workforce planning .
  Calendar View
  List View
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Obtain all data for better and more productive workforce administration.
  Pre-Configured Reports
  Multiple Filter Options
  Save in Various Formats and Print
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