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TimeTec Leave Features

Worklife balance and flexibility is pivotal in Workforce Management of the 21st century. TimeTec Leave is designed to provide employees with Control and Transparency over their leaves, while giving management the perfect tools to process and oversee Employee Leave Administration as a whole.
Comprehensive Report Generations
Reports are a major part of post mortem, reference or simply future planning and processing. TimeTec Leave allows you to print, export, view and generate leave reports by day, month, year, and filter them according to your needs. You can also view time-off balances, requests and employee details along with 20 other handy reports to your requisites.
Real-Time Calendar View of Leave Applications
Immediate real-time displays of leave transactions that may vary monthly, weekly and daily in the calendar. The admin or user may filter through the leave types and view the employee’s leave balance, leave request, and also gain everyday insights on which employee is requesting for a leave in order to administrate the employee’s leave. Thus, providing advantages to both sides of the party.
Automated Leave Administration
Provides automatic accruals on any employee leave types, whereby users/admins can accrue balance by day, week, month, semi-monthly or even every two weeks.
Regulate Leave Activities
Set restrictions to limit the number of employees who are away on a specific date range to ensure that supposed leave do not disturb the operational flow of the company. With this practice at hand, employees will be more responsible in planning their leaves.
Leave/Permission Customization
Flexibly add custom leave types (i.e., vacation, paid leave, personal days, sick days, appointments, etc). There are 3 levels of users (Administrators, Operators, Employees), each with their own individual permission access. The solution also defines Special Event days, where employees cannot request time-off and are warned or notified on the calendar. The system then respectively displays leave balance in hours or in days for easy reference.
Leave Management On-The-Go
Perform leave management including applications, approvals, viewing, amendments and etc anywhere, anytime via TimeTec Leave App which is available in iOS and Android phones.