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Why TimeTec Leave?

To simplify employee leave management with smooth process of leave applications and approvals, readily available formulas for complex calculations of employee leave based on various factors such as length of service, type of leave taken, accruals and etc., and it caters to employees with a wide array of profiles.
TimeTec Leave provides company with a system that can guarantee accurate employee leave entitlements and eligibilities adhering to the company's policy and the labor law.
TimeTec Leave facilitates an independent and disciplined working culture, where both employees are responsible to plan their leaves accordingly and employers to be able to keep track, be informed and have control over their human resources.
All details leave applications, withdrawals, rejections, balance, accruals, and etc are kept intact in the cloud server for future references.
It provides the management with the tool to observe and analyze staff's leave patterns, thus ensuring the workforce management to gain an upper hand.
TimeTec Leave promotes positive user-experience with with its user-intuitive navigation thus allowing it to be easily deployed for all levels of employees.
TimeTec Leave provides various important reports such as User Leave Summary and Annual Leave not only for the conveniences of the employers but it also serves as an overview report for the employees to view under My Leave Summary report.
TimeTec Leave also eases payroll management whenever leave entitlement is directly related to payroll management.
All data from the solution is stored in Amazon Web Services to ensure high level of security, stability and data integrity.
The Possibilities With TimeTec Leave

Problem No. 1:
On a Monday morning, you get up from bed and prepare yourself to work. You put on your best clothes and your best attitude in preparation of the long hours ahead. ‘Not bad, considering that Monday is infamously labeled as the most dreaded day of the week’, as you thought to yourself. While driving to your office, you noticed a sudden shakiness and the vehicle then came to a halt. You decided to give your boss a call but receive no answer; neither is there any response coming from the office since it is still yet to be the regular working hours. You had no choice but to get your car to the automobile garage only to have your boss furiously called you an hour later asking you about your sudden absence on the busiest day of the week.

Problem No. 2:
Here you are, sitting at your office table and envisioning the most beautiful beach in the world with pearl white sand coupled with a few coconut palm trees in the background as well as accompanied by a fine, sunny weather. All this is perfect if not for the fact that you had to manually fill in the cumbersome leave application forms and meticulously describe the reasons you had for taking the supposed leave in the first place. Plus, the staffs at the Human Resource Department always gave you that weird look whenever you enquire about the amount of leaves you’ve had, making the already complicated process even more awkward. Eventually, your leave is approved but this soon leaves a bad taste in your mouth from having to deal with the discomfortness of applying for something that you are entitled to.

Problem No. 3:
As a manager, you always can’t seem to find your staffs, be it before a particular holiday season or even after the holiday period. You start to wonder whether are they really skipping out on the job, yet no one seems to be complaining or realize it except you yourself. You decide to take matters into your own hands and start asking around. After a certain amount of time, which felt like an eternity, you came to the conclusion that everyone around you is just as clueless as you are. Having wasted enough of your precious time, you chose to take a step back and let things play out by itself, thinking that maybe this is just the way it is and that everything is normal

The list could go on forever but the question remains: Why put up with occasions such as these? Which are almost always not beneficial for both employers and employees, especially when we are living in the present-day digital era.

Luckily for you, we have something you could very well take advantage of. Introducing: TIMETEC LEAVE, a cloud-based system that handles leave management for all types of companies and the best part is that it is hardly even there but its function is certainly proficient in getting the job done as well as remedying the stated scenarios into a thing of the past. What's more, our cloud solution also comes with a Mobile Application version, which you could easily obtain from the App Store or Google Play, thereby making implementation along with your leave procedures a breeze.

Maybe you have or may not have faced with situations similar to that of the above but who is to say that you will never have to confront the above issues in the years to come. We understand that you all have lots to digest after going through the article and to soothe your day, we figure that the best we could do is to offer every customer a 30-day FREE trial of TimeTec Leave. Explore the possibilities of TimeTec Leave and be blown away by the convenience that it can offer!