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TimeTec Leave

Digitise and Humanise Your Company’s Leave Management
Why TimeTec Leave?
1. Simplify Your Leave Process
2. Advanced Leave Policy Configurations
3. Automate Leave Calculations with Reports
1. Simplify Your Leave Process
Mobile App leave application
Employees can apply for their leaves on their smartphones.
Transparent Leave Policies
Employees have an overview of their leave entitlement, balance and rules.
Easy Approval
Managers can approve an employee’s leave from their smartphone.
Company Leave Calendar
View employees who are on leave with a shared calendar.
Leave Reminder Notification
Tag your team members when you apply for a leave.
Personalised Dashboard
Get an overview of leave statuses and application history.
Flexible Amendments
Cancel or withdraw leave requests with proper approval.
Extensive Leave Rules
Configure leave rules based on company policies, e.g., carry-forward days, service accruals, and restrictions
2. Advanced Leave Policy Configurations
Leave Policy
Create different policies for a different groups of employees based on years of service or position levels.
Approval Workflow
Support multi-level approvers in sequence or random.
Flexible Partial Day Leave
Configure maximum time off allowed, e.g., 2 hours per application. The system will deduct from the leave balance accordingly.
Crunch Time Settings
Create crunch time for specific periods, e.g., the festive season to prevent understaffing and ensure smooth operation.
Leave Analysis
Get to know your employee leave trends.
3. Automated Calculation, Reports & Supports
Prorate Leave Balance
Automatically prorated leave allowance according to leave policies.
Carry Forward Automation
Set a carry forward leave limit and automatically transfer to the next calendar year.
Manage Service Accruals
Auto top-up leave allowance and auto-switch leave policy depending on service duration and entitlement.
Labour Compliance
Manage your employees' rights and comply with the local labour law.
10+ Advanced & Real-time Reporting
Generates what matters to you in real-time.
Eliminate Calculation Error
Full automation and audit trail of every leave application.
Support & System Security
24/7 Support
We have your back, you could find us anytime around the clock for an assistant.
20 languages available
We have hired humans to translate our system to the most common languages on earth.
Security & Privacy
Your data remains yours. We are PDPA & GDPR compliant and certified with ISO 27001.
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