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TimeTec Leave Benefits

Handle your Employee leave management process without any hassle with TimeTec Leave, and get connected even when you are not in the office! The solution offers not only automation but it also ensures compliance of company's leave policies and labour law. Saves time and resources, and get accurate leave data everytime with TimeTec Leave.
Discard Manual Procedures and Save Time
TimeTec Leave is fully computerized solution that handles applications, approvals and details of leave online and it comes with an App that makes everything easily accessible and practical.
Advances Discipline and Ensure An Independent Working Environment
The solution supported by company’s policies can boost accuracy and ensure employee’s independent compliance to cultivate discipline in any organization.
Immediate Access to Leave Records
Manager/HR personnel have instant access to archives of employees’ leave history which allows them to track leave activities for various purposes.
Ease Payroll Management
Evaluate staff performance and assist in payroll calculation with the useful reports available and filter the information to your preference.
Wind-Down the Workload
Since everything is automated, employers/employees may skip the manual procedures and arrive at a centralized point to perform leave applications/approvals.
Manage Project/Task Deadlines
Helps managers by providing insights on leave patterns of the employees in order to successfully manage workload to meet project/task deadline.
Stay Out of Legal Hassles
Configure compliance settings to suit your company/country's legal policies. For example, maximum eligible annual leave, medical leave, leave accruals, etc.
Transparent Fair Conduct
Ensuring all leave applications/approvals are closely monitored and recorded to avoid any form of biasness or partiality.