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TimeTec Alarm
Security Effortlessly
It's time to let go of the conventional alarm system with its tradition settings and operation, and switch to the modern contactless Alarm System for easier management of your office premise's security.

The latest Alarm System, connects the controller to all the sensors via WiFi complete with DDNS for data security, without requiring any wiring at all. The premise manager only needs a smartphone to connect to the controller for setup and operation. In case of emergencies, the premise manager will get instant notification via the App on his smartphone instantly.

TimeTec Alarm is a cloud-base alarm system consists of 3 components, mobile app, controller and sensors. The controller is powered by a DC power adapter, and all sensors are battery powered. The mobile app, controller and sensors are communicating via Bluetooth, for a more secure connection. The installation is so simple, anybody can DIY.

With TimeTec Alarm, the controller updates its status continuously and in case of alarm being triggered or connection lost, the server will send push notification to the mobile app immediately. Further action is in the hands of the premise manager. He can view alarm status, arm/disarm alarm and trigger panic alarm via the mobile app anytime from anywhere.

If TimeTec Access Control System is being used as the core platform and TimeTec Smart Alarm is triggered within any individual floor, the system will then alert the security guards by triggering Siren Kit SK-911 that acts as a Central Alert System for immediate rescue.
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    Alarm Panel/Controller

    Dimension (mm) 130 x 130 x 45
    Weight (kg) 0.5
    Input power 5V 1A
    Standby current 5VDC 350mA
    Backup power 12VDC 7Ah Rechargeable battery (optional)
    Siren Output Bluetooth
    Strobe Light Output Bluetooth
    Max sensors to link up Unlimited
    Max connection distance from controller to sensors 10 meter in between sensor.
    Use of routing sensor to expand connection distance

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    Magnetic sensors for windows & doors

    Dimension (mm) 55 x 27 x 15
    Weight (kg) 0.05
    Connection to alarm controller Bluetooth
    Built-in battery 2 x AAA battery
    *approximately 18 months of usage

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    Bluetooth PIR Detector

    Dimension (mm) 87.5 x 87.5 x 45
    Weight (kg) 0.5
    Scanning area Horizontal viewing angle = 120 degree
    Vertical viewing angle = 77 degree
    Scanning distance = 2.8m to 5m
    Pet immune Yes up to 25 kg
    Built-in battery 4 x AA battery
    *approximately 12 months battery life

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    Bluetooth Remote Control

    Dimension (mm) 36 x 56 x 15
    Weight (kg) 0.05
    Buttons 4 buttons for
    Arm Day or Away Mode
    Disarm alarm
    Panic button
    Built-in battery CR2032 Coin Cell

Welcome to the new age of Alarm System
  Easy Management of User Access
  Alarm Management from A Smartphone
  Surveillance Management Made Easy
  Temporary Access Key
  Security Heightened with Bluetooth
  All in One App for Your Premise Security