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The impacts of this new credential to the access control industry

A new batch of simplified hardware controllers
The controllers can be built simpler with reduced computing power and size. The controllers are no longer made to determine users and their accessibilities, but rather designed to safeguard premises, preventing intrusion or force open while in idle mode.
App takes over major features effortlessly
Important controller features like interlocking, antipassback and global antipassback and many more are now switched to Application in the smartphones for convenience and better control.
Check your own activity logs
Smartphone credential offers viewing of activity logs and much more in real time and with so much convenience and it is even possible for a mere normal user to view his own activity logs through his smartphone.
Lower cost in hardware investment
Producing simpler controllers and shifting the computing power to smartphone credentials can reduced the hardware investment cost significantly.
Preset access level stored in your smartphone
Conventional access control system verifies and approves your access level based on the information preset in the controller installed at a premise; whereas by using a smartphone credential and cloud system, all the preset access levels and rights are transferred to every individual smartphone.
Smartphone as a commanding and remote control handset
Using a smartphone credential, creating a temporary pass code to be delivered to a third party’s smartphone to allow remote control is possible, something unthinkable in the past.