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E17S Card HD IP Camera

Works like your Smartphone Camera
Not only does E17S has all of the supposed recording functions offered by your smartphone’s camera, it also has the increased option for inserting a TF card as well. Due to the design of the camera, data recording will be hassle-free as the data will be stored directly into the TF card. In addition, our camera supports real-time video broadcast, remote centralized management, remote playback, intelligent alarm, cloud management and many more. With this amount of versatility, our latest product can be applied on various types of property, i.e. residential homes, shops or even offices.

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Main Features

HD High-Definition

HD Night Vision

Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Alarm

Cloud Sharing
Be it managing your offices or to keep a watchful eye on your shops/homes, E17S does it all!
Recording | Alerting the Authorities | Remote Monitoring

Manage the premises by monitoring your staffs
Monitor the safety of the elderly/children

Manage the security of your business compound
View your home using only your smartphone
Place E17S wherever your heart's desire

View your precious ones from the convenience of your smartphone
Place E17S anywhere you want
(In the living room, where you can interact with your pets)
30 Meters Infrared Distance / Waterproof / Supports wireless network Dust Proof | Night Vision
Dust Proof | Night Vision
1 25 unit of infrared diodes
Capable of viewing 30 meters distance during nighttime
2 3 megapixel high definition lens
Standard 2.8mm lens (3.6/6/8mm optional)
3 Double glass design for increased reliability
Anti Fog / Anti Glare
4 Light Sensitivity
Automatically senses changes of ambient light and activate infrared accordingly
1 Waterproof Aluminium Casing
Made entirely of aluminium material, IP66 waterproof, durable
2 Recovery Button
3 Built-in TF card Slot
4 All aluminium rotating bracket
Simple and durable, easy to install, inner-outlet design
5 Network Port Power Line
6 Network Port
7 DC12V Output
All New Infrared (LED Array)
Stronger Infrared Light, Better Night Vision
The newly upgraded infrared light uses 840mm infrared technology which in turn produces low heat when used, has low power consumption, high brightness, better light intensity and better night vision.

1 Double Glass Feature
Double glass feature design which helps reduces fog/glare and at the same time produces better night visi

2 25 units of infrared diodes
Produces night vision up to 30 meters.

3 3 megapixel high-definition CS large lens
Standard 2.8mm (optional 3.6/6/8mm)
4 All-aluminium integrated housing
Durable aluminium material, IP66 Waterproof
Camera Size
More Details

Rotatable Bracket

High definition Lens (Coated Lens)
3 megapixel high definition lens, built-in 6 layer optical glass lens, 1.4 inch CMOS image sensor, Better imaging processing capabilities, Greatly Improved picture quality and range.
3 mil
Supports Storage of TF Card
Built-in TF card slot that supports local video storage function thus removing the need for an external phone or computer. Real-time remote viewing of the video is also possible through a computer/tablet/phone.
Built-in TF card slot. Once the lid is open, you can then place the TF card into the slot. Hence, providing a safer and more subtle process of recording
Able to support 4-64gb TF card
Hot Tip: Do let us know which TF card storage size you prefer in order for our engineers to assist you in installing the supposed TF card and thereby allowing the camera to be instantly used once you received your goods.
Video Storage and Time Comparison:
Please keep in mind of the supported TF card when purchasing the product for the camera.

TF card capacity 4G 8G 16G 32G 64G 128G
Storage Time 1.5 Day or so 3 Day or so 6 Day or so 12 Day or so 24 Day or so 48 Day or so
Note: The camera by default will be set to motion detection mode in order to conserve storage space. If you require longer periods of recording span, you might have to depend on an external storage device.
HD Night Vision and Better Presentation
Built-in IR-CUT dual filter switch which provide a substantial increase in daytime color realism and Night Vision effect.

Infrared function of the camera will be automatically activated or deactivated depending on the environment’s light intensity.
Network connection
(support wired)

  Router Cable  
Device support WIFI and wired connection, you can choose the network according to the actual situation of the link.
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