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for QF Plus + QF Master App

1. What is QF Master App?

QF Master is an Android App that comes with two credential verification methods. One is the face recognition, and the other is the QR Code.

2. What is QF Plus terminal?

QF Plus terminal is specially designed to perfect match QF Master App.

3. Since QF Master is an Android App, can we turn any of our standard Android smartphones into a verification terminal?


4. What is your recommended smartphone model?

Any economical Android smartphone is sufficient to run QF Master App. But if you required to mount the smartphone on wall, you may need to order the special casing from us. Please check with us the wall-mounted casings that we have for the smartphone's brand and the model.

5. How is the face recognition performance if compares smartphone with FingerTec biometrics terminal?

Because the same algorithm is being used, so the face recognition performance is identical.

6. Can QF Master auto detects motion and resumes to face verification mode during its idle mode?

No. Currently, the QF Master app does not support motion detection because most Android smartphones or tablets do not come with motion detection specification. However, it is a possibility because the market is continually producing newer smartphones with the latest specs and tech, and TimeTec will keep an eye on the latest development.

1. Is QF Plus comes standard with QF Master App?

Yes. QF Plus preloaded with QF Master App.

2. Any extra charges for QF Master App?


3. How about if we use our Android smartphones as a verification terminal?

Then you have to pay one-time license fee per smartphone. Please write to info@timeteccloud.com to check out the licensing fee.

4. What is the license fee for both applications in the QF Master App?

1. QR Master license per device per year is RM80, and users can change device unlimited times.
2. QF Master license per device per year is RM 700 for the first year, and users can only change (new or reset) devices twice. The subsequent year, the fee is RM 250 per year. If you have changed devices twice, you need to pay for the face master license again. For example, on the second year, you change device for the third time, you need to pay for the difference of 700-250=450 to get the new Face Master licenses that are valid for two more device change.

Cloud Applications
1. The QR code or face verification is suitable for some specific purposes. Let us know which applications we can integrate with QF Plus terminal?

1. TimeTec TA (www.timetecta.com), as a clocking tool for employees attendance.
2. TimeTec Access (www.timetecaccess.com), as an access control point for employees.
3. TimeTec VMS (www.timetecvms.com), as an access control device for visitors.
4. TimeTec i-Neighbour (www.i-neighbour.com), as an access control device for residents and visitors in a smart residential community environment.
5. i-TimeTec (www.i-timetec.com), as employee access control device for small office deployment.

2. You have two verification methods in your QF Master App. Can you recommend the best method in each of your cloud application?

1. TimeTec TA for attendance - Face Recognition
2. TimeTec Access for access control - Face Recognition
3. TimeTec VMS for visitor access control - QR Code or Face Recognition
4. TimeTec i-Neighbour for resident access control - Face Recognition
5. TimeTec i-Neighbour for visitor access control - QR Code or Face Recognition
6. i-TimeTec for SME employee access control - Face Recognition.

3. What are the benefits of subscribing to TimeTec Access as supposed to use typical door access solution like biometrics for Windows?

Cloud-based solution advantages are real-time connectivity and centralization. As the security aspect is crucial in business, a security system cannot run in silos. The ability to connect, centralize, monitor and respond in real-time is the essence of a better security system. A reliable and better security system of the modern world must possess the ability to manage increasing threats, the possibility of integration, the capacity to more functionality and more. Hence, with cloud access control, we can gain more from technology for security.

4. I want my staff to scan individual QR code only at a QF Master to unlock a door. How do I do it?

For door access purposes, you need to install a QF Master app into an Android smartphone or tablet, and you need to have access to TimeTec Access as well. During the initial launch of the QF Master App, you will see a mobile ID displayed on the App. You need to insert the mobile ID in the TimeTec Access page to create a new QF Master. Once the QF Master App connects to the correct TimeTec Access account, the QF Master App UI will request for a face recognition license. Tap Skip if you only want to use QR Code with that QF Master. Tap OK to confirm and proceed.

5. My organization is using TimeTec Access to monitor access points into our premises, and we are also using TimeTec TA for attendance. Would my access records in QF Master be converted to my attendance records in TimeTec TA?

It depends. If you want it so, you must configure the settings under TimeTec Access > Manage Access Point > Select the Door > and you need to Check for the option "Attendance". When you enable this option, all the access records via the access points will be pushed to TimeTec TA as attendance data. Please be reminded that the attendance data is available if you are using the Face Master only. QR Master data will not be considered as attendance data.

6. Why is the face recognition method more relevant than the QR code?

The Face Master contains biometrics technology that has better security and achieves better user experience.

Access Control
1. I can't imagine how a door can be opened by using a smartphone or QF Plus terminal powered by QF Master App only. Can you explain it?

By using QF Master App powered smartphone or QF Plus terminal alone, you can’t open a door, you must pair the smartphone with TimeTec BLE-2/BLE-5 Bluetooth controller. Other door lock accessories like EM lock, key switch, push exit button also required.

2. Is TimeTec BLE-2/BLE-5 controller a compulsory to use QF Plus for door access?


3. Can QF Plus device also control other access control points like turnstiles and barrier gates?


4. If I install 2 QF Plus terminals (in and out) for one door, how many TimeTec BLE-2/BLE-5 controller I suppose to install? One or Two?

Just one TimeTec BLE-2/BLE-5 controller is required.

5. Can I still open door if the Internet is down?

Yes. Because QF Plus + BLE-2/BLE-5 are using Bluetooth to communicate. The only shortfall is the transaction activities will keep in the Face Master App but not the cloud server until the internet back to normal.

6. The mobile network at my premises is unstable, can the QF Master recognise users in case of connection loss?

Yes, the QF Master has an Offline mode.

7. The mobile network at my premises is unstable, can the QF Master recognise users in case of connection loss?

Yes, the QF Master has an Offline mode. However, before you arrive at the offline site, the App must connect to the Internet and the cloud server to collect user data and access permission. When the download process completes, the QF Master can verify users based on the stored face templates, access permission and QR code. To enable the Offline mode, an admin must configure the settings under the TimeTec Access: TimeTec Access Web > Manage Access Point > Allow Offline Mode > Set to Yes. Please remember that when the QF Master is under Offline mode, it cannot receive any changes of users group and access permission from the cloud server, and it cannot upload any access records/attendance records to the cloud server.

8. Our employees are using the QF Master to gain access. However, they need to press the button to switch to face recognition or QR code scanning. Can the QF Master auto-detect the method without the staff having to press the button?

Unfortunately, QF Master can't do this. For a smartphone camera to justify an image as a QR code is only available at the rear camera of some particular Android smartphones. The QF Master is using the front-facing camera, which does not support this feature.

9. Under monitoring page, I can only select the monitoring of users access by floor only. Can I choose multiple access points, buildings or levels?

The monitoring page is now displaying all devices located under one floor in one building in one location to speed up the response time. To view access records from multiple locations, the admin can use Access Records tab. However, he must press the refresh button to get the latest access records.

Storage & Face Template
1. Where is the storage of all the transactions kept?

The transaction data or activity logs of QF Master App saved in the cloud server.

2. What kind of local data stored in QF Master App?

The QF Master stores individual face templates, access records and access permissions inside its local memory. During operation, a QF Master recognises users based on the face templates stored in the local memory to determine access permission. The QF Master connects to the cloud server from time to time to update user listings and access permission. At the same time, the QF Master stores individual user's access records and sends them to the cloud server intermittently.

3. How easy is it to register a face template registration? Where are those templates stored? Are they safe? Can they be manipulated for other purposes?

The face template registration is a breeze, can be completed in less than a minute for one person. There is no image taken of your face. However, several points from your face strategically tabulated and calculated using a proprietary algorithm and stored in each device for use during verification. The templates are safe and not susceptible to reverse engineering; hence, they cannot apply for other purposes.

4. How many face templates can we store in one smartphone or a QF Plus ?


5. How is the face recognition performance if compares smartphone with FingerTec biometrics terminal?

Because the same algorithm is being used, so the face recognition performance is identical.

6. Is it safer to use QF Master than the standard terminal? Why?

Yes. QF Master App always paired with cloud applications. For example, TimeTec Access is a safer choice for the access control solution. When you can access and view what's happening in real-time and get notifications about security concern immediately, the rectification process can be immediate. The centralization of data and real-time monitoring also add safety to another level.

7. What other benefits of using QF Master?

1. When the QF Master smartphone is idle, it can set it to play your commercial ads.
2. Because you load the App in a smartphone, the hardware is familiar, and you can deal with it more confidently.
3. The installation is wireless or requires minimal cabling.
4. Ease of software updating.

8. Can I lock the App so that the wall-mounted smartphone would not be messed by any random stranger?

Yes, you can download a third party Applock to prevent access to the smartphone. Besides, our special designed casing will protect the smartphone from vandalism and block the unnecessary access to the phone.

9. We are using an Android smartphone to run the QF Master for attendance and access records. What if somebody changes the date and time in the smartphone?

When a smartphone connects to the Internet, it has to be set to follow the Internet time during setup, and the admin must install Applock app to restrict any unauthorised access to the phone settings.