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EpiCamera Features
As Cloud Video Surveillance services, there is constant improvements for EpiCamera to provide better solutions to our users. EpiCamera pledges to provide constant improvements for our cloud solutions to benefit our customers worldwide.

Check out EpiCamera's features and we will keep you informed you about EpiCamera's latest improvements regularly.
Internet Based Surveillance
As long as there is Internet connection and online devices (computer/ mobile phone/ tablet), you can watch your premises through EpiCamera website or apps anytime, anywhere!
Instant Live View
Live viewing of latest uploaded frame can be viewed in 1/4-cam/9-cam view. Live stream is also available in single view by selecting video streaming or frame slideshow.
Motion Detection Alerts
If the connected IP camera comes with motion detection feature, you will receive email alerts (based on your settings) when detected images are uploaded to our servers, you can view and download the images anytime.
Archived Image Listing
Storage of recorded frames in EpiCamera are organized according to camera, time and date for easy playback and viewing. User can store or delete selected frames according to their needs.
Works with IP-cams & Webcams
EpiCamera is suitable for all IP cameras that support image uploading via FTP! If you are using webcam, we provide software to turn it into surveillance cam tool.
Works on All Mobile Phones & Tablets
Monitor your premises even if you are a jetsetter! EpiCamera mobile version is now available for you to download the application for both Android & iOS now.
Auto Capture and Store Image
By setting your preferences in your camera configuration with EpiCamera, you will be able to record snapshots or videos from your camera regularly and automatically, throughout the day.
Store on Cloud
EpiCamera provides cloud storage services to store the recorded frames from your camera securely. Unlike conventional surveillance systems that keep records in DVR, EpiCamera frees you from having to worry about the DVR being tampered with.
Multiple Administrators
EpiCamera enables multiple administrators for each account for different branch managers or family members to share the same account and view cameras that they have access rights to.
PayPal for Credit Card Processing
All transactions are processed through PayPal. You can use any internationally accepted credit card to process your order through PayPal. Your credit card information is protected by PayPal's industry-leading protection and security systems.
Works with Ingress Access Control Application
The integration of EpiCamera with Ingress, FingerTec's renowned Access Control Application, allows auto-record of any abnormal events such as door force open, will definitely enhance the security system. (Know more)
Easy Payment by Google Wallet
You can also subscribe our solution by using Google Wallet payment gateway. Google Wallet makes secure payments fast and convenient by simply tapping the phone on any PayPass-enabled terminal at checkout.