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Beyond Surveillance

CCTV is no longer limited to security surveillance alone. TimeTec Surveillance allows multiple inputs from different cameras to integrate with our cloud applications, expanding its functionalities beyond surveillance and enriching the TimeTec Cloud City ecosystem.

TimeTec Cloud City

A Smart City Ecosystem

How Epicamera Works

IP Camera

Web Camera

Solar CCTV

Face Recognition Camera/ Reader

Smartphone Camera

VPGS Camera

LPR Camera

Host Alert with Visitor’s Vehicle Image
Host Alert with Visitor Image
License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Vehicle Monitoring
Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS)
People Counting
Smart Building Surveillance
Perimeter Surveillance
Smart Home/ Office Surveillance
Video Analytics
i-Vizit for Visitor Management
i-Tower for Commercial Building Super App
i-TimeTec for Smart Home/ Office Surveillance Monitoring
TimeTec Access for Access Control
TimeTec Parking for LPR
TimeTec Parking for VPGS
TimeTec Patrol for Smart Surveillance
TimeTec Building for Smart Surveillance
TimeTec Analytics for Video Analytics
i-Neighbour for Resident Super App

Smart TV

iPad/ Tablet

TimeTec Super App


PC/ Remote Station
Visitor Management for Residential and Commercial Buildings
i-Vizit iTower Building Visitor
To send the host the image of a drive-in visitor’s vehicle captured at the checkpoint.
To send the host the image of a walk-in visitor captured at the checkpoint.
Deter surprise visits and potential intruders.
Serve as a security record.
The super app can call/report to the guardhouse in case of a stranger or an unidentified vehicle.
License Plate Recognition (LPR) System
Parking i-Vizit iTower Building
Allow registered cars access to residential and commercial premises.
Integrate with TimeTec Parking for casual and season parking management.
Achieve a seamless cashless and touchless parking experience.
Integratable with multiple TimeTec solutions for subsequent activities such as visitor management, promo code etc.
Vehicle Monitoring
Parking iNeighbour i-Vizit Building
Monitor vehicle flow and capture vehicle images at the entrance and exit lanes of premises.
Serve as surveillance for the parking site.
Serve as a security record and precaution.
Prevent car theft.
Record any incidents at the parking site as proof.
Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS)
Parking LPR
Allow users to find their cars in the car park by typing the car plate number at the kiosk or mobile app.
Provide guidance for parkers to find parking space in a large parking site.
Facilitate parking operators to charge premium parking rates for casual parking on the same floor.
Ease traffic jams at the parking site.
Enhance security at the parking site.
Increase parking operator income by charging premium parking rates.
People Counting
Count the number of people flowing into a building.
Set maximum occupancy alerts in certain areas at specific times.
Integrate with the building management system to optimize HVAC consumption based on people counting.
Integrable with loudspeakers or turnstiles to maintain the audience at a certain level.
Improve energy efficiency for smart building management.
Avoid overcrowding in certain areas for safety precautions.
Enhance people’s experiences while optimizing costs.
Smart Building Surveillance
Building iTower
Allow residents or office tenants access to certain cameras installed in common areas via apps.
Integrate live views into the building management system to facilitate management monitoring.
Consolidate surveillance in one super app.
Consolidate surveillance in one backend building management system.
Perimeter Surveillance
Building Patrol
Detect intrusions at the perimeter along a fenced site.
Use fixed thermal cameras to provide excellent long-range coverage.
Enable detection in all lighting conditions, including complete darkness.
Early intrusion detection and alerts to prevent burglary.
Automatic responses, such as audio messages sent from hornspeakers, to deter intruders.
Smart Home Surveillance
i-TimeTec Access
Provide motion detection alerts.
Integrable with a siren system.
Integrable with an access control system to auto-record abnormal access events, such as force openings.
Integrable with TimeTec Patrol for guards’ monitoring.
Enhance security for unit owners.
Automatically trigger alerts to the guardhouse and patrol guards on duty.
Video Analytics
Include visitor analysis, access control analysis, video analytics, identity detection analysis, facility access analysis, and vehicle flow analysis.
Automate surveillance.
Improve crime detection and prevention.
Accelerate investigations.
Attain dynamic situational awareness.
Drive real-time proactive alerting.
Supports all ONVIF standard IP cameras. TimeTec Surveillance works closely with HIKVision, the world’s largest CCTV producer, to perfect its smart city ecosystem.

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