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EpiCamera Usage
EpiCamera is a global service that helps you monitoring your home, your family, and your business by using IP cameras or any off-the-shelf webcams. We strive to provide the best hosting solution to our users by ensuring our services are simple, affordable and secure.
EpiCamera is your ideal office solution
Retail Surveillance Solution
Deter theft, inventory shrinkage and prevent lost of profit incidences that frequently occurs with conventional surveillance system.
Visual Office Monitoring
After office-hours monitoring, staff activity monitoring, different access rights for different levels of managers to monitor outlets that they are in-charge of.
Outstation Observations
With auto-record, you can check your office premises any time even when you’re on vacation and be alerted instantly with the motion alert function in case of emergency i.e. break-in or robbery.
Intruders Detection
You can set motion detection mode on your smartphone to have email alerts and push notifications delivered instantly.
For Home Users
For Elderly Care
Placing cameras in common areas while being mindful of the elderly’s privacy is an excellent way to keep an eye on them while you are away.
Pets Observation
Turn EpiCamera.com into a perfect pet-surveillance system; ensure your pets are safe and sound at all times by checking up on them regularly.
EpiCamera.com enables work- ing parents to check on their children left at home with a nanny, a babysitter or grandparents.
Maid Supervising
For families with maids, you can use EpiCamera.com to monitor maid’s activities while they are at work.