Camera Setup is Simple at


You can get IP cams from our sister company HERE, or use your own IP camera. All you need are built-in FTP features and a functioning MJPEG stream URL, and you can fully utilize them with EpiCamera!

EpiCamera has prepared setup manuals for clients to set up and connect your camera with us. If your camera is not in the list, you may contact our partner to get assistance from them!

Suitable for all IP cameras that support image uploading via FTP! Check other brands HERE.
Panasonic IP Cameras BL-C121C (Wireless) :
Panasonic IP Cameras BL-C1 (Wired) :
Samsung IP Cameras SNB-2000/SND-3080 Series :
Samsung IP Cameras iPolis Series :
Lilin IP Cameras and Video Server (VS012) :
Level One IP Camera (FCS-0040/WCS-0040/FCS-0010/WCS-0010) :
Level One IP Camera (FCS-1060) :
Brickcom IP Camera (CB-100A) :
D-Link IP Camera (DCS-910 & DCS-930) :
TP-Link IP Camera (TP-SC3137G & TP-SC3130G) :
Pluxio IP Camera (PLUX10 IP Camera & PLUX121 Video Server) :
DCL IP Camera (F908A) :
ZKTeco IP Camera :
Cynics CNC4210 :
Cynics CNC4230 :
Cynics CNC4435 :
Dahua K100W : P2P Cloud: