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Various existing IoT (Internet of Things) developments are centered around smart home security devices. IoT for home innovation and security allows people to control their locks, lights, radios, heaters, camera security and many more from their smartphones, enabling users to monitor the safety of their house from just about anywhere in the world.

At TimeTec, in addition to smart security at the home level, we are moving many steps ahead to create smart security for the community level.

In December 2016, TimeTec introduced its first IoT security device, Smart SK-911 Siren Kit into its smart community product i-Neighbour, for residents to use their smartphones to trigger alarm system installed at the guardhouse during emergency.

And from then, TimeTec offers more advanced IoT hardware including TimeTec BLE-16 Lift Control Panel deploying Bluetooth technology for lift access management, FingerTec H2b reader and ML-10B integrated with i-Neighbour allowing facility bookings and access for community's facilities, and TimeTec Smart Alarm for individual smart home alarm system and be integrated with Siren Kit at the guardhouse and many more.

Smart Lift Smart Siren Kit  
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