User Guide | TimeTec Attendance

TimeTec Attendance User Guide

Few system can be a little puzzling, but don't worry, we've got you covered. Follow the steps below to set your TimeTec Attendance account. You'll be an expert in no time!

10 Steps to Kick Start TimeTec Attendance

Step 1
Company Setup Wizard
This wizard will guide you on the basics of your TimeTec Attendance account:
  • Company Profile - Company ID is important as it represents your account
  • Add Users - Use the Import User feature to easily add users in batch via Excel file
  • Organization Structures - Create multi-layers divisions and assign users into them for easier management of your account
Step 2
System Settings
Company > System Settings
Set your preferred Date Format, Time Format, Time Zone and etc within this section before using the system.

Useful payroll cycles can be selected while checking the attendances. You can also filter the attendance record based on Payroll Cycle, for example This Payroll Cycle or Last Payroll Cycle.

Step 3
System Roles
User > Manage System Roles & Admin
Create various System Roles and assign them to different Admins.
For example, HR Clerks are only allowed to View Attendance and Generate Report while the CEO has Master Admin rights to view and edit the data within the system.
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Step 4
Leave Type
Company > Leave Type
Add Leave Type and assign it to users in Customized User Duty Roster or Attendance when users take leave.
Schedule > Holiday
Establish Holiday for the whole organization or even specific organization structure. Click Import Holiday to automatically import holidays for every country.
Step 5
Schedule & Roster
Step 5.1
Create Clocking Schedule
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Step 5.2
Assign Schedules & Users into Roster
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Step 6.1
Add Clocking Option - NFC & Beacon
Device > Mobile Clocking > NFC | Beacon
  • Add checkpoint
  • Add Beacon Group
  • Add checkpoints and assign users into NFC | Beacon Group
  • Admin: Register Beacons to checkpoints via smartphone
  • Use Beacon to start clocking attendance
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NFC (For Android Only)
  • Add checkpoint
  • Add NFC Group
  • Add checkpoints and assign users into NFC | Beacon Group
  • Admin: Register NFC to checkpoints via smartphone
  • Use NFC to start clocking attendance
Step 6.2
Add Clocking Option - Wifi
Device > Mobile Clocking > Wifi Access Point
  • Admin connects to the Wifi Access Point using smartphone
  • Add Wifi checkpoint in TimeTec Attendance App (Setting > Wifi > Add)
  • Click on the checkpoint and assign users to it
  • Use Wifi to start clocking attendance
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Step 6.3
Add Clocking Option - GPS
Device > Assign User to Device
  • GPS Clocking is automatically enabled upon initial login to TimeTec Attendance Mobile App
  • To Disable / Enable, go to Assign User to Device Page and click Edit on the user
  • Set GPS Geofence to limit the staff's permitted clocking area. Click to learn more
Additional Feature
Step 6.4.1
Add Clocking Option - FingerTec Terminal
Device > FingerTec Terminal
  • Create Terminal Group to group a few terminals together
  • Click Add to add a new terminal into TimeTec Attendance
  • Fill in the Terminal informations (Mandatory Fields: Serial No., Terminal ID, and Terminal Group)
    Wait for the Status to turn green, to indicate that the connection has been established
  • Manage users by uploading them from TimeTec Attendance to FingerTec terminal, or download users to add them from Terminal into TimeTec Attendance
Step 6.4.2
Add Clocking Option - FingerTec Terminal
To upload users to FingerTec terminal:
  • Go to Manage User > Upload User. Once the transfer is done, register individual Password / Card ID / Fingerprint / Face at FingerTec terminal
  • Next, go to Download User, to keep a backup of fingerprint templates & User Info (Username, Password & Card ID) in TimeTec Attendance
To download users from FingerTec terminal:
  • Go to Manage User > Download User. Please make sure you have enough user license to add users into TimeTec Attendance
Step 7
Attendance Overview
Attendance > Attendance Sheet > Attendance Analysis
  • Click Edit to amend attendance data, as well as assign leave type to the user
  • Click on the date to view more information such as Break Time
  • Filter your data for better viewing
  • Edited data will be displayed in BOLD
Additional Feature
Step 8.1
Report > Attendance Listing > Electronic Time Card
  • Electronic Time Card is the most used report in TimeTec Attendance
  • More reports are available on Attendance, Roster, Device and etc
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Step 8.2
Report Scheduler
Report > Scheduler
Automate report generation by setting up Report Scheduler for the system to automatically send reports to email addresses according to the specified schedules.
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Step 9.1
Notification > Settings > Attendance > Clock-In Monitoring & Tardiness Monitoring
Clock-In Monitoring
  • Set a specific time or time range to monitor your employees' clocking times
  • For example, you can monitor which employee has arrived to work at 9 AM or every 5 minutes from 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM
Step 9.2
Notification > Settings > Attendance > Clock-In Monitoring & Tardiness Monitoring
Tardiness Monitoring
  • Set the type of tardiness and the employees that you want to monitor and be notified whenever tardiness occurs
TimeTec Attendance Mobile App Guide
Key Features
  • Perform Clocking
  • View Roster
  • View Attendance
  • View Announcement and Attendance Notification
Attendance Clocking
  • Select Clocking Type & Work Code (Optional)
  • Select Clocking Method
  • View Clocking History
View Roster
  • Click on each date to display the assigned schedule/shift and attendance record
  • Assigned Schedule
  • Attendance Record
View Attendance
  • Personal Attendance Record
  • Filter by Date
Key Features
  • Perform Supervisor Clocking
  • View Staff Roster
  • View Staff Attendance
  • Configure Monitoring Settings
  • Enroll NFC / Beacon
  • Enroll Wifi Checkpoints
Supervisor Clocking
  • Search for a user or filter by Organization Structure
  • Perform Supervisor Clocking with/without GPS
View Staff Roster
  • Click to expand while viewing user's shift
  • Shifts available today
View Staff Attendance
  • Easily monitor user's attendance via Mobile App
  • Red = Late
Enroll Beacon Checkpoint
  • Step 1
    Create Beacon Checkpoint from TimeTec Attendance Web
  • Step 2
    Select the Checkpoint
  • Step 3
    Enable Bluetooth and select the beacon that you wish to enroll for this checkpoint
Enroll NFC Checkpoint
  • Step 1
    Create NFC Checkpoint from TimeTec Attendance Web
  • Step 2
    Select the Checkpoint
  • Step 3
    Enable NFC and tap on the NFC Tag that you wish to enroll for this checkpoint
Add Wifi Checkpoint
  • Step 1
    Add Wifi Checkpoint
  • Step 2
    Assign Wifi Checkpoint Name.
    Example : Lobby
  • Step 3