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TimeTec Hire is a cloud-based recruitment system designed to find the perfect match between what's required by companies and what's available in the job market. It has been carefully crafted to assist companies from the pre-hiring process, to the job postings, to the sharing of the vacancy, to the flow of the hiring process up to the onboarding process of new recruits into the company with ease. TimeTec Hire solution is embedded with an Applicant Tracking System to enable companies to collect and sort piles of resumes to find the ones that match the requirements of the vacancies automatically and in the shortest amount of time.

What's more, TimeTec Hire helps companies build a better collaborative recruiting team that can collectively decide on the qualifications and requirements for a vacancy and determine the questionnaires as well as interview score cards' criteria to avoid biases and unfair advantage throughout the process. By having an automated and regulated recruitment system like TimeTec Hire, companies are taking better charge of their own recruitments to shape the future they want.
Improve Hiring Process
Get the hiring process, qualifications, requirements and team right to obtain the best talents out there, and customize every detail to your company’s preference.
Create Better Team with Multiple Roles
Assign multiple administrators such as Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Coordinators to be involved in the hiring process for better results.
E-Application Form
Create your own electronic application form containing general and specific information that is important to your business.
Schedule to Auto-Publish
Set your job posts right and schedule them to be published automatically on your preferred dates and times.
Sharing of Vacancy Links
Publicize the vacancies via the automatically generated link sharing for better exposure and high engagement.
Drop Resume
Candidates can use the Drop Resume feature for future vacancies' consideration if the current openings do not match their qualifications
Landing Page
Embed TimeTec Hire on your website easily, and leverage your brand to attract and recruit quality talents.
Auto Reminder Mailers
Keep applicants and recruiting team informed and reminded about the scheduled interviews and questionnaire status automatically.
Audit Log
Record all audit logs of editing activities from Application Form, Qualification & Requirement, Questionnaire, Scorecard, Hiring Workflow and etc.
Onboarding Process
TimeTec Hire is integrated with TimeTec Profile for a hassle-free onboarding process with complete and accurate information obtained from the earlier recruiting processes.
TimeTec Hire for Effective Recruitment Management
Appoint a strong collaborative hiring team
Decide on the hiring process for each vacancy
Create relevant application forms for various vacancies
Determine general and specific Qualifications and Requirements
Create Questionnaires and Interview Score Cards
Ready to Post and Share the Vacancies
Share on social media & online employment marketplaces
Recruitment Platforms such as LinkedIn, JobStreet, JobsDB, Recooty, Workable, and many more
Receive applications from candidates
Automatic screening based on requirements
Knowledge tests via questionnaires
Interview stage filtered by scorecards
Job Offer Negotiation
Job Acceptance
On boarding process
Sync with TimeTec Profile
Recycle the templates for similar positions
Job seekers can drop their resumes to the company of their choice for future consideration.
TimeTec Hire Report
Get Reports of Your Recruitments
Evaluate and streamline your recruitment process for PRE-HIRING PROCESS better efficiency!
This report summarizes the number of hired applicants for selected job title within the selected time range. It also provides the average time taken to fulfil the job vacancy.
The report provides information of the source where applicants received news about the jobs. This allows the HR and person in charge to identify the most suitable channel for future job advertisement.
Summarises the number of applicants applied for the job post, the hiring stages with the applicant count for each stage, number of hired applicants and the average time taken for the company to hire applicants.
Offer easy and automatic daily full system data backup and simplified full system recovery
User selectable ODBC compatible database is used to meet the enterprise level requirements, e.g. MySQL
Support different levels of user privilege settings
Effective automated screening process
Complete Automation
High Quality Information
Measurable ROI
Exceed Expectations
Fast and easy system deployment • Minimize burden on HR, IT and support staff • Low upfront capital investment for an effective system
Predictable monthly payments for effective financial planning • Multi-branch management made easy • Accessible via Internet anytime, anywhere
Free & regular software updates • Optimal uptime and system reliability • Unlimited worldwide support from our global partner network
Reduce IT maintenance and upgrade costs • High reliability with over 15 years experience in time and attendance system development and industry
Secure, redundant and environmentally conscious data center
Key Features
Post Vacancies
Customize application forms, set minimum qualifications and requirements to aim for the most suitable candidates.
Automated Screening Process
Applicants qualifications and credentials will be screened and matched against the requirements to shortlist the most viable candidates
Customize Questionnaires
Different position requires different knowledge and expertise. Hence, craft your questionnaires to test the candidate's understanding of the job first hand.
Weight applicant's interview points on each recruitment stage and shortlist using comprehensive scorecards method.
Check Status
Applicants can log in anytime to check on their recruitment status and update their profile, including a contact number. Managers can monitor the hiring process and make necessary adjustments on the hiring status to get the best person for the job.
Remuneration Package
Offer remuneration packages easily. Applicants can accept, decline or negotiate a remuneration package; ensuring a win-win situation for both parties.
Data Integration
All data from newly recruited employees are easily integrated with TimeTec Profile and other TimeTec solutions.
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