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Frequently Asked Questions

You have problems? Let us help you the best we could. You can find the answers in this FAQ list and if you don't find what you're looking for, email us at support@timeteccloud.com and we'll be right there with you.
On Solution
1. Why should our company consider TimeTec Hire when we already have a system for recruitment? How could TimeTec Hire help?

TimeTec Hire is a tool to uplift and make your current recruitment procedure and hiring system more systematic, automated and precise because it is able to streamline processes to reduce the time and effort required in recruitment, eliminates biases surrounding the selection process, and providing you with the candidates that best match your requirements. What's more, TimeTec Hire organizes and keeps all the data intact, standardized and for long, so nothing is missing in translations or over time.

2. What's the difference between TimeTec Hire and other recruitment platforms like Jobstreet, Zoho and etc?

TimeTec Hire is your company's own recruitment system that handles recruitment process from the beginning until the onboarding process and it has to be navigated by your employees throughout. Recruitment platforms like Jobstreet, JobsDB, and Zoho, on the other hand, are providing exposure to the job vacancies you published with them and they provide a service to host those applicants for your consideration. However, your hiring team will still have to carry out the rest of the processes. What TimeTec Hire offer is to consolidate all these processes in one systemized solution so you can take charge of your hiring better and more efficiently.

3. What kind of benefits my organization can get from TimeTec Hire?

Companies are often struggled to find the matching candidates to the vacancies posted because the whole process of sifting through the many resumes is tedious and time consuming. To improve this, TimeTec Hire is designed complete with Applicant Tracking System that process the requirements and qualifications against the candidates resumes automatically to generate the matching percentage accordingly. Hence, the hiring team just needs to focus on the shortlisted candidates rather than spending a lot of time choosing from the piles of resumes. On top, the hiring team can be prepared with tests, questionnaires and interview scorecards to make sure that the company will get the best applicants out of the talents who applied for the position. At the end of the process, the recommended candidates for hire have proven that they passed all the requirements set by the company and the onboarding process can start right away with the data available and TimeTec Hire can be integrated directly to TimeTec other workforce solutions for better management.

4. Can I still edit the job posting after it has been published?

Yes and No. You can edit only selected information like Hiring Manager, Recruiter, No. of Vacancy, Industry and job description. However, no edit permitted for qualifications & requirements after it has been published to avoid any unfair overall assessment for applicants.

5. It's pretty hard to gather relevant people together for an interview session, how would TImeTec Hire simplifies this process?

TimeTec Hire has notification feature to alert the incharge persons of the interview schedule.

6. Is there any analysis of applicant resumes for me to quickly identify my potential candidates?

Yes. TimeTec Hire has that tool to shortlist the applicants out of many resumes. However, to get the system to choose the best candidates for you, the preliminary tasks have to be done properly such as determining the qualifications and requirements needed for a specific position and giving the weightage on each point for better results.

7. I have found a suitable candidate from outside the system. Can I hire him/her straight away and how can I deactivate the job post?

Yes, since you are running your own business, you know what's best for your company. However, we opine that it's better to run the candidate through the system once again to make sure that this person is the candidate you are looking for. If you have made the decision to hire him/her, it couldn't hurt to let him go through the normal process that all other applicants have to go through. Nevertheless, even though the job post has been activated, the cost still applies until its expiry date.

8. When my company account expire, can I still login and view the information of the job applicants?

Yes, you still can access your account but you won't be able to post more vacancies or receive more applicants for any positions until you have renewed the account. Also, please note that inactive accounts are only valid for a period of 60 days meaning that if there's no login or activities happening in that account within 60 days, the account will be closed.

9. Can I share my job vacancy on TimeTec Hire on other social media?

It would be so conventional if we cannot do that. Social media has intertwined in the lives of many these days and definitely vacancies on TimeTec Hire can be shared on other social media platforms to increase engagement and yield you better outcome.

10. Does TimeTec Hire offer a "job agent" ?

At this point in time we don't, but this is a great idea we might explore. However, we do have a feature known as "Drop Resume" where you can drop your resume even though there is no open vacancies suitable for you now. The dropped resume will be considered by the company at a later date.

11. Why TimeTec Hire?

TimeTec Hire is modern, connected, and convenient solution that lets companies manage all hirings from one connected system. Furthermore, TimeTec Hire price is awesome for the awesome features we offer, and TimeTec team is backed up by a strong backend, certifications and support that will take care of your account whenever you need assistance.

12. How to start?

You can start by trying the free trial and when you are confident that this is the system you want, we recommend that you start moderately. Buy a block of TimeTec Hire posts containing 10 job posts (USD200) that expire within a year, and experience TimeTec Hire firsthand. You have got nothing to lose and a lot to gain. If you found your small investment worth it, you can add more posts when you need to recruit again. Because TimeTec Hire is cloud-solution, this system is scalable, buy as you need.

13. How to monitor job posting?

You don't need to, let the system does it. When there's any activities, you will get notified via email so you can go into the account and make the necessary arrangements. If there is no notification received, your job post might need some adjustments to appeal to candidates or you need to share the post widely at different platform for better exposure.

14. How do I request for trial account of TimeTec Hire?

Everything is online at www.timetechire.com and each account is given a 14-day free trial to test on 10 job posts. However, please note that you will not be able to post anything or receive any applications after the free trial period is over unless you subscribe with us.

15. Can I recycle any positions I've posted?

Definitely you can recycle any positions that your company has posted before so you don't do duplicated work, but every new job post is equivalent to 1 post price. Hence, while the details of the previously posted vacancy can be recycled, the license for the job post is one time use only.

16. My company is rather simple, I don't need comprehensive details, qualifications or tests to hire. Can TimeTec Hire fulfill my needs?

The beauty of TimeTec Hire is its versatility where it can cater to the simplest requirements to the more complex ones. Hence, if your company is not requiring strict hiring flow or requirements, you can tailor your recruitment process to match your requirements. If you are not sure on how to get things done, our team can assist.

17. The license expires in a year and if I couldn't finish all the licenses in a year, would I be entitled for a refund?

Unfortunately, refund is not available. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you start small like 10 job post and you add more as you go along to reduce your risk.

18. My company has a few subsidiaries, can the Headquarters buy the job posts in bulk and then delegate the posts to be used by the other subsidiaries?

TimeTec Hire supports multi tenancy meaning that you need to build your organization structure in the system to be able to delegate the job posts throughout your whole organization.

19. Do you offer a linkage to recruitment platforms so we can get their service straight from TimeTec Hire rather than having to deal separately?

Initially, you need to deal with them separately but our team is working hard to collaborate with all these amazing platforms so we can be a one-stop center when it comes to hiring.

20. During the recruitment process, we gather some information from the candidates. However, once we decided to recruit we will add more information into the candidate's profile such as salary, leave entitlement, etc. Does TimeTec Hire has a tool for me to do this job?

TimeTec Hire comes bundled with TimeTec Profile where once the company decided to hire, all the information about that candidate will be transferred into TimeTec Profile during onboarding process. And in TimeTec Profile, your company can add more fields that you need to complete your employee profile. What's more, when the information is in TimeTec Profile, your company can directly subscribe to time attendance system (TimeTec TA) and leave management system (TimeTec Leave) effortlessly without having to input user information in the system anymore.

On General Issues
1. Is local support for TimeTec Solution available?

Yes. TimeTec has more than 200 authorized resellers in approximately 120 countries. You may contact us via email, Skype, GoogleTalk for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round service.

2. Where is the location of TimeTec Solution Server?

Currently, the TimeTec platform is located in West California, United States of America.

3. Do you set up your own cloud platform, or you work with a third party vendor?

TimeTec is currently working with Amazon EC2 who acts as our Cloud platform provider.

4. What is the uptime guarantee for TimeTec?

Please click here for more information.

Services and Features
1. How do I make leave request approval?

Simply check the request via TimeTec Leave app or web and approve. Details of the leave and the list of approvers are available for reference.

2. Am I able to see booked leaves of other employees?

Yes. All leaves will be displayed in a calendar for employees view.

On Payment
1. I don't trust online payment. Can I use other payment modes?

Yes. You can pay to our local authorized reseller. We will activate your subscription account once we have received payment from the local reseller.

2. I prefer to pay in local currency, what should I do?

We charge the subscription fees in US dollar. If you would like to pay using your local currency, you may choose to pay to our local authorized resellers. But the total amount would be based on the then exchange rate of your local currency against US dollar.

3. Do I need to pay bank charges when I make the online payment to you?

No. You just need to pay the exact amount on the billing.

On Termination
1. Am I able to get any refund when my company wants to terminate its subscription?

Yes, you could get the refund for the unutilized subscription calculated by months minus the administration charges of USD 10 and bank charges.
If your subscription fee was paid to our local authorized reseller, you have to inform them to help you terminate your subscription and you have to get your refund from them.

2. Can I retrieve my company data when our company had decided to terminate TimeTec Hire Solution's subscription?

Yes, we will send you a link via your registered email for you to download your data in csv format. It is recommended that you download the relevant data during the grace period of 45 days. After the grace period, we will remove your data from our server and any lost of data after that grace period is regretful.

3. Could my company renew my subscription when it has already terminated?

Renewal of your subscription is available within 45 days of grace period after termination is approved. After that, your data will be removed from our server, and you have to start with a new subscription and go through all the system set up process again.

On Support
1. I'm not familiar with TimeTec Hire Solution. What is the best way to setup my account?

Implementation Wizard will be there to assist you. All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided and you'll be able to setup your account in no time. If in any case you are stuck, the support is available for assistance.

2. I want to understand more on TimeTec Hire Solution. Is there a training that I can attend?

We will be organizing Webinar sessions soon. You are welcome to join to understand more on the solution. The session is free of charge, but you need to reserve your seats prior to joining the session. Schedule for the Webinar sessions will be made available soon