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Frequently Asked Questions

You have problems? Let us help you the best we could. You can find the answers in this FAQ list and if you don't find what you're looking for, email us at support@timeteccloud.com and we'll be right there with you.
1. What are the common problems of normal VMS?

Traditional Visitor Management System has a few obvious flaws that have to be addressed by a better system in order to improve the overall experience and security. More often than not, when people talk about VMS, it is about the manual pen and logbook or to manually key-in information to a PC, where the security guard/receptionist is expected to record all the needed information from the visitors. Hence, human errors during recording of information is inevitable, which result in incorrect or unreadable information. Moreover, all of this information has a higher risk to be misplaced or stolen because there is no way to secure the information, not to mention the inconvenience to access the visitor records for reference. Furthermore, the whole information-taking process is time consuming and it creates distress to visitors and if in case the visitor lost the access card provided to them, another troublesome process has to be carried out to correct the situation. Plus, the host is not aware of the arrival of the visitor unless guard/receptionist make a call to inform the host. With all the common problems of the VMS as we know it now, definitely a better solution is needed from the market.

2. Why should we choose TimeTec VMS?


3. Why do you charge by price per floor? What if I have 10 floors but I buy only for one floor?

Price per floor is affordable and feasible for a VMS system that has to deal with a different number of visitors on a daily basis, and it is meant to add a security measure in the system. For example, if an employee from the 6th floor had invited a visitor for a meeting, by using our QF Master, you can limit this visitor to enter only the relevant doors/access points leading to the 6th floor, preventing him from entering another and unrelated floors. In case you have 5 floors but you only buy for one floor, you can still use TimeTec VMS but there might be some features that you can't access to which might cause inconvenience in the future.

4. Do you need visitors to download your App, only then they can use your system?

No. In order to keep a smooth and secure visitor management system, the host will send the invitation (with QR Code) via message/communication app to the visitor. The visitor will then fill-in his personal details and present the QR Code upon arrival. The guard/receptionist will then confirm his personal information before allowing him to enter the premises. A smooth registration process for visitors without the need to download any App. However, if the visitor wants to download the App for convenience, he/she can choose to do so any time.

5. Do I need to buy all i-Vizit, i-Comm, Hubot for my premises if I decided to go with TimeTec VMS?

You are not required to purchase all i-Vizit, i-Comm and Hubot. However, you are required to have at least one check-in method via i-Vizit or i-Comm.

i-Vizit is a complementary App once subscribe to TimeTec VMS.The main purpose for i-Vizit is to allow guard/receptionist to perform the check-in process for the visitor or calling the host for walk-in confirmation.

i-Comm is a subscription-based intercom system for visitors to perform self check-in during their visitation. After the host's confirmation, i-Comm will generate a QR code for the visitor to access the relevant entrances.

Whereas, Hubot can relief your receptionist's burden when placing it at your office lobby or near the indoor entrance to warmly welcome your visitors. In the same time, Hubot will check the visitors in using i-Comm that is installed within Hubot itself.

You are welcome to download i-Vizit or i-Comm App into a tablet to fit your office environment. If you would like to purchase a set of a i-Vizit tablet or i-Comm tablet, please contact us at info@timeteccloud.com

6. Why don't you allow visitors to see the tenant's face on i-Comm when they call? Why is it one way only?

This is necessary to protect the host's privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, we only allow the visitor to hear the host while the host can view the video and voice. i-Comm is serving the same objective as the regular intercom system with more convenience and affordability.

7. Is this a breach of my privacy when someone can call straight to my phone?


8. Why do you we need TimeTec VMS when the manual one works? And cheaply so.

While the traditional manual VMS also works, it doesn't provide the convenience of TimeTec VMS that can pre invite visitors as well as be able to reduce human errors as compared to the manual recording. In addition, all the information are saved in our Cloud Server, Amazon Web Service (AWS), to prevent any lost data or entries. If any incident occurs, admin can immediately and remotely access all the data. Keeping your office environment more efficient and safer at an affordable price is the wise decision to make.

9. Should the frequent visitors perform registration every time, and do they need to get approval each time they access our premises?

Yes. In order to keep a secure working environment for you, the visitors will need to register for every visitation or even better if they can schedule their visits and get earlier approval from the host. Likewise, the host has to agree to their visitation before allowing them to access a premises for security reasons.

10. What can Hubot do and how long can it stays in charge at one time, and can someone just steal Hubot?

Hubot can approach and welcome your visitor as well as checking them in for the visitation via i-Comm. Once Hubot is fully charged, it can stay active for up to 8 hours (equivalent to the number of hours an actual person usually works). When the power is depleting, Hubot will automatically return to its pinpoint location to recharge. In case someone tries to lift or move Hubot without permission, the Hubot will transmit its GPS location to the Admin for rescue.

11. Since visitors to premises are from all walks of life, tech-savvy people or not, is your system easy and simple to use?

Yes, our system has been designed thoughtfully and it has been made easy to use and intuitive for all users. However, in case you are stumbled up difficulties, and you need our assistance, drop us an email at info@timeteccloud.com.

12. What happens when we stop the subscription of TimeTec VMS after a year. Does this mean that we can't access and use any of the system anymore?

Yes, if you stop subscribing to TimeTec VMS then you won't be able to access to our system anymore. However, the history data will still be kept within our server. If you wish to re-subscribe in the future, then you will be able to access these data again. To maintain a smooth and uninterrupted operation for your visitor management, we will be sending reminders for your account expiry as well.

13. Hubot XV is supposed to be an unmanned receptionist. If this robot is ushering me to a certain location, who's taking care of the reception? Do you have any solution to that?

There are a few alternatives that you may consider. The first alternative is to deploy more than 1 Hubot to better manage the reception, especially during peak hours. The second alternative is to have both Hubot and i-Comm tablet. This way Hubot can usher the guest while i-Comm tablet can be installed at the reception for other walk-in visitors. The third alternative is to have Hubot and i-Vizit tablet. In this case, the guard/receptionist can be stationed at the reception while Hubot can roam to welcome visitors as well as guiding them to their destination.

14. What's the problem with the traditional intercom and why should we change to i-Comm?


15. If someone is behaving inappropriately in my premises, can I as the host blacklist this person? Can I also blacklist the people I dislike?

Unfortunately you can't do that. Only the Admin can blacklist people in the system. Additionally, the guard/receptionist can only submit the blacklist approval to Admin for blacklist approval.

16. How long can you keep the data of visitors in the system? What if the authority came to pull out visitor list from a year back, can TimeTec VMS furnish them with details?

For active data, we will keep it for 2 years and we add another 3 year archive data. Hence, we will not be deleting or removing our customer data from our servers within 5 years and you can easily select the date range or filter any period of time to export and generate into a report. If you want storage more than 5 years, contact our team to find out how you can accomplish that.

17. If Hubot is out of battery and needs charging, how do we manage other visitors while that happens?

The alternative ways you can consider is to have the i-Vizit tablet or i-Comm Tablet in the mix. In the case of Hubot runs out of battery, the visitor can perform self check-in via i-Comm or receptionist/guard can help to perform check-in for the visitors via i-Vizit.

18. How to recall a Hubot to the reception?

There will be a recall function which the controller can summon Hubot back to the reception (pinpointed location). In addition, if Hubot has low battery, it will automatically return to the charging station or a predefined location as well.

19. What kind of reports do you provide to building owners or hosts?

TimeTec VMS offers several reports for users such as Visitor Checked In-Out Report, Visitor Profile Report, Blacklisted Visitor Report, Visitor Aging Report and more. We will also update our system from time to time and adding more report types to our system.

20. If we subscribe to TimeTec VMS but moved our office after a while. Can we still use it?

Yes. The Admin can easily customise the company profile details. Other than that, the Admin can also easily determine the access points/entrances of QF Master as the installation is minimum. You can also inform us if you wish to add additional floors or product to fit your new office environment.