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Visitor Management

Manage your visitors and security on one platform
Applicable For All Buildings
Residential? Visit our residential visitor management system:

Visitor Management Features, Reinvented.

Instant Notification
Visitees receive notification/intercom when a visitor checks in.
Facility Booking
Book a meeting room with a confirmed visitor appointment.
Calendar View
A centralized calendar filled with confirmed schedules and facility occupancy.
Multi In-Out Management
Approve multiple visits automatically or manually.
Health Declaration
Record health details for the safety of everyone.
Body Temperature Reading
Record visitor's temperature as a precautionary measure.

The Standard Features That You're Expecting

Visitees receive an intercom when a visitor checks in.
Various Visitor Check-In Types
Visitors can register with a kiosk in the reception area.
Blacklist Menace
Blacklist rowdy visitors from the App or web.
Manage System Role
Flexible settings for your team to allow visitors.

Advanced Reporting and Security Control

Advanced Reporting
More than 10 reports of Visitor Management.
Emergency Evacuation
Automatically generates reports of visitors who haven't checked out of the building during an emergency.
Manage Access Control
Customise visitor access level to allow limited credential access as specified.

Visitor Flow

Enhance Your Security with TimeTec

Facial Recognition &
Thermal Detection

Facial Recogniton

Facial Recognition & QR Code

QR Code & Card

Guard Post

Self Service Kiosk

Turnstile Access

Lift Access

Ready to Digitalize Your Visitor Management?

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