Connect Your Software with TimeTec Devices
Seamless Integration with AWDMS
Made for Developers & Integrators
The TimeTec AWDMS is an online application that offers Application Programming Interface (API) for third-party application developers to integrate with TimeTec terminals; to retrieve user information, biometric data, transaction logs, and TimeTec devices information.

Quick and Simple
Having the API simplifies the process for developers and integrators to connect to TimeTec devices.
Connect to the Latest Technology
Use TimeTec latest facial recognition terminal to elevate and enhance your program to stay ahead and relevant.
Huge Potential Customers
TimeTec brand is a well-known brand that has served many customers worldwide, so more potential customers for you!
TimeTec Terminals compatible with AWDMS

*Terminals are sold separately
Key Features
Terminal Management
Easy setup, configuration, and advanced settings for multiple terminals.
User Management
User-friendly, simple, and powerful user management interface.
Transaction Logs
Download, check, search, and export the terminal’s raw data.
User Access Control
Control information of user’s terminal access such as time zone and verification type settings.
Time Zone Settings
50 sets of time zone settings for users’ time zone or time zone grouping configuration to be updated to terminals.
User Access Control Information
Instantly check the terminal for their access control information like privilege, password, fingerprint, card number, verification type or time zone settings.

Elevate and enhance your software with TimeTec’s latest facial recognition device.
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