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TimeTec engages third-party companies, referred to as "Subprocessors," to handle personal data for TimeTec clients. TimeTec follows a rigorous selection process to assess the security, privacy, and confidentiality standards of the Subprocessors that have or potentially will have access to or process Service Data, which may contain Personal Data.

We may periodically update this page with information about our Subprocessors as our business and services evolve. This includes any changes to the Subprocessors we engage or any new Subprocessors we determine are necessary to improve or enhance the delivery of our services to you. If you have any questions about our Subprocessors, please contact us at

Entity Name

Data Hosting Location

Applicable Services

Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

USA, Singapore, South Africa

Cloud Infrastructure for web, mobile apps and services  

PayPal Pte. Ltd (Braintree) 


Customer payments 

PayPal Pte. Ltd


Customer payments

Zoho Corporation


Customer support

Google, Inc 


Website analytics, Cloud Messaging, Firebase, Maps SDK, Geocoding API, Maps Javascript API, Distance Matrix API and other Google Cloud Services.

Microsoft Corporation


Power BI data visualization, Bing Search for website search and other Azure Cloud Services.

Meta Platforms, Inc


Facebook Conversion Tracking Customers

ZKTeco Co., Ltd.


Collect attendance logs from terminals

Guangdong Anjubao Digital Technology Co Ltd


Smart Home Internet of Things (IoT) Services