Refund Policy
TimeTec Customer account can be terminated at anytime by sending a termination email to
Customer is entitled to a refund of unused subscription for the remaining months that has been paid before the termination.
The refund will be calculated based on MONTHLY subscription rate. Any subscription usage exceeding of 1 day shall be calculated as 1-month subscription and will not be eligible for refund.
Refund payment will be made via PayPal, therefore the Customer/Reseller requesting for the refund needs to possess a PayPal account. A refund processing fee of USD10 will be charged and any other processing or bank charges shall be borne by the recipients’ account.
For any subscription that is paid directly to the Reseller, the Customer needs to contact their Reseller to request for the refund.
TimeTec will not be liable for the refund of subscription that’s paid directly to the Reseller; and /or any other refund arrangement other than stated above.
TimeTec will not be liable for any local taxes e.g. VAT (Value Added Tax) or GST (Goods Service Tax) that are imposed for this refund.