Mọi con đường đều dẫn đến Cloud City
Our Smart City Ecosystem
TimeTec Cloud City is a cloud ecosystem that consists of various cloud solutions and AIoT hardware for a smart city. It deploys Cloud, Edge, Big Data and AI technologies, to provide all types of customers a smarter worklife and homelife.
Smart Office
Workforce Management
H TimeTec Hire
Hệ thống Tuyển dụng nhân tài
A TimeTec TA
Thời gian và hệ thống quản lý chấm công
L TimeTec Leave
Hệ thống quản lý nhân viên nghỉ hưu
P Hồ sơ Thời gian
Hệ thống Quản lý Nhân viên Mây
People Flow
P Bãi đậu xe TimeTec
Hệ thống đỗ xe trên nền tảng đám mây
V TimeTec VMS
Hệ thống quản lý khách
A Truy cập TimeTec
Hệ thống kiểm soát truy cập thông minh
Smart Security
S EpiCamera
Hệ thống giám sát điện toán đám mây
A Alarm
Intruder Alarm System
P TimeTec Patrol
Hệ thống quản lý Tour Guard
Housing Developer
G General Management Module
P Progressive Billing Module
Va Vacant Possession Management Module
D Defect Management Module
R Resident Module
V Visitor Module
M Management Module
Guard Module
Smart Home
S Security Product
A Automation Product
Smart Industry
Environmental Sensing
A Agriculture
C Construction
M Mining
I Infrastructure
R Risk Management
O Oil & Gas
Our AIoT Hardware
  Time Attendance & Patrol Clocking:
TA200 Plus
Face ID 4
QF Master
  Access Control & Smart Community:
BLE 16
Smart Turnstile
QF Master
Face ID 3
  Parking & Visitor Management:
UHF Reader
Barrier Gate
QR Master
Hubot XV
i-Vizit Panel
i-Comm Panel
Siren Kit
Smart Card Reader
  Smart Home/Office:
Smart Gateway
(w Camera)
Motion Sensor
Panic Button
Indoor Siren
Door/Window Magnetic Sensor
Smoke Detector
Water Leak Detector
Smart IR Blaster
Smart Scenario Panel
Smart Light Switch
Smart Curtain Motor
(w Curtain Rail)
TL-40B Smart Lock
(w Curtain Rail)
  Surveillance & LPR Camera:
Camera LPR
NVR Video Server
  Environmental Sensing:
iRadar G2000 Series
Lidar M8
Compact SAR
Hoạt động của hệ sinh thái đám mây TimeTec

Company A is using TimeTec TA and TimeTec Leave to manage its staff force of around 2000 people. At the same time, the company expects TimeTec to offer a recruitment system complete with an onboarding feature (TimeTec Hire) to ease these crucial hiring processes with all the applications sharing only one centralized database at TimeTec Profile. On the hardware side, biometric terminals (FingerTec) are installed at entrances of every outlet for door access and time attendance data collection tool and TimeTec Access is installed as an additional access control system. While the door access data is managed by TimeTec Access, the attendance data from the biometrics terminal will be processed by TimeTec TA concurrently.

At the Company A HQ lobby, the guards on duty are using TimeTec VMS to manage visitors comings and goings using QR codes to be scan TimeTec QR master reader integrated with TimeTec IoT devices BLE-2, BLE-5 and BLE-16, that are connected to TimeTec Access for employees' access control purposes. With the QR codes generated by the TimeTec VMS, visitors can access the authorised doors, flap barriers and elevators. Additionally, the guards at HQ are also using TimeTec Patrol as a tool to perform daily round-the-clock guard tour based on their patrol schedules and NFC checkpoints to heighten security. When pre-registered visitors enter a parking area, the barrier gate installed with TimeTec BLE-2 and License Plate Recognition (LPR) will open to prompt TimeTec, i-Ad and i-Merchants promotions on the guest's smartphone that highlight the nearby shopping mall's latest deals. The guest can pay for his parking fee and generate an e-receipt via the same App because the Company A is using TimeTec Parking as its parking system.

The management has a plan to reduce security guards count by deploying TimeTec Hubot for Visitor Management System and Patrol purposes. And, if the same guest decided to visit his relative that is staying in a neighbourhood that is using i-Neighbour (integrated with i-Account for Smart Community Accounting System), he can use the same App to pre-register for himself. EpiCamera as a cloud surveillance system can be integrated with TimeTec Patrol, TimeTec Access, and i-Neighbour to improve the overall security of the area and i-Environ can be added as an extra environmental module to bring about greater benefits to the communities.
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