Career Site FAQs
Some tips can be helpful before filling up the form.
  Interview Tips
1 How to check for vacancies?
All current vacancies are published online at this page.
2 If there is no job post that suits me currently, can I submit my resume to your company?
Definitely. Submit your resume at this link for future references and if your credentials and experiences are interesting and relevant to our business, we could be creating a position just for you.
3 How do I apply for a job at your company?
As an IT company, we value automation and simplification of process. All job applications must be done online either by clicking on the position you want to apply and filling up all the details or you can send your profile to us as mentioned in Q2. We will not accept any submission by emails, hands, postal service, pigeons, bottles, etc.
4 What is your interview process?
You have to provide us two suitable dates and times in your online application for us to call you for an interview if you are one of the shortlisted candidates. Our HR department personnel will contact you to confirm the interview session. If you do not receive any calls or emails from our side within 7 days, it means that the result is unfavorable for you in the initial selection process. Normally, we only require one interview session but for some crucial positions, we could require a candidate to attend for a second interview, in which the HR personnel will do the necessary arrangement.
5 Can the interview be arranged via video-conferencing if I cannot present myself due to unforeseen circumstances i.e. I live abroad?
We live in a connected world; distance is not a problem. However, you need to inform our HR department for them to set up a remote interview session accordingly.
6 How should I dress for the interview?
TimeTec adopts casual work environment. The keywords to choosing interview attire are decent and comfortable because we are interested in your talents rather than your suit and tie. It doesn’t mean we discriminate suit and tie, suave dressing is welcome too.
7 Do I have to bring all my certificates during the interview?
You don’t need to because you have submitted all the required documents in softcopies in your submission to us. However, we will require the proof of your documents when we hire you. Please make them available when required.
8 How long do you take to make a decision after an interview?
Depending on the urgency of the post, we could respond to you as fast as a few hours after the interview up to a maximum of a week. You will get a call from HR personnel about the outcome of the interview process.
9 Apart from the monthly salary what are other perks working at your establishment?
At TimeTec, people are our most valuable assets. Apart from the monthly remuneration plus EPF and SOCSO, the company also provides medical allowance, petrol allowance, meal allowance, *interest free loans, * internet subsidy, *yearly bonus and incentives, *travel incentive and etc.
*For select and eligible employees only
10    What kind of medical coverage do you provide?
Apart from the fixed annual amount for medical coverage per employee, all employees are eligible for hospital and surgical coverage as detailed in our Employee Handbook.
11    What is your company’s corporate culture and overall working environment?
We value people who think, who are willing to work hard and work smart. When an employee is excited about the job, the rest will fall into its place. If you don’t like to deal with the 4Ds (demands, difficulties, deadlines and deliverables), you are not the candidate we look for. Timetec is full of young, smart and friendly people who are excited about the future we are building, now.
12    Do I have to speak fluent English to be accepted at FingerTec?
It would definitely be an added advantage if you are well familiar with the language, because we use English as our primary conveyance in our business affairs. However so, if your position does not require your fluency in English, i.e. for job openings like programming, then English proficiency might not be our priority as long as you are able to communicate smoothly within the organization.
13    Do you do background checks?
To verify the validity of your personal details, we conduct background checks when necessary. Verification is usually done on your employment and education history.
14    Is race a concern when hiring?
Race is definitely not a factor but nationality might, because most of the positions offered here are for locals. We also might hire based on fluency in other languages when a position requires it but it’s never about race.