with Smart AC1/TD & Smart AC1/FTD
Smart AC 1/TD & Smart AC 1/FTD
Recommended for all types of small and large offices, school, government building, hospital, residential and hotel.
Fever Detection Sensor
Verify face even when wearing a mask with an option to deny entry for having no mask on
(Smart AC 1/FTD)
User Manual
Installation Guide
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Cloud-based Software
TimeTec TA
Cloud Time & Attendance Management System
TimeTec Access
Cloud Access Control Management System
TimeTec VMS
Cloud Visitor Management System
Smart AC1/TD: Introduction (English)
Smart AC1/TD: Pengenalan (Malay)
Smart AC1/TD: 简介(中文)
Smart AC1/TD: Setup Guide (English)
Smart AC1/TD: 设置指南 (中文)
Explore TimeTec's Covid-19 Solutions for Business Operation
Social Distancing
Facial Recognition Technology
Contactless Devices for Staff Attendance Clocking & Access Control
Verify face with mask on
An option to block access if a staff doesn't put on a mask
Extra Protection
One by one verification to promote social distancing
Reduce Operating Costs
Save Resources
Replace obsolete system
(e.g. logbook & punch card machine)
Embedded Body Temperature Sensor
Automated process, save manpower, accurate results
Time-saving & Labour-Saving
Systematic and automated
Other Products
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ProFace X/TD & ProFace X/FTD
Recommended for all types of office towers
(Wall-mounted/ installed on turnstile/barrier pole)
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SBTL8033 & ProFace X/TD
Recommended for all types of office towers
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Metal Detectors with a Fever Detection
Recommended for public Area like immigration, airports and government offices
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Body Temperature Detection
IPCamera + Black Body
Recommended for airports, hotels, government offices and all types of security environments
QF Plus Face ID 3 Face ID 4
Other Face Series
(*Basic Series)
Contactless verification via facial recognition devices
Other Solutions with Covid-19 Preventive Measures
Time Attendance System
with Health Screening Record and Contact Tracing
Visitor Management System
with Health Screening Record
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