1. The temperature reading on the readers are practical but do you also sell readers without this feature with a mix and match option so as to optimize the installation?
  No. We do not sell the body temperature sensor separately with our devices. The body temperature cannot be removed nor installed into other devices. All facial recognition devices are sold as a complete set with the temperature reading.
  2. If we select machines that read palms for access, will it permit those who have a fever to get through? Isn't it risky?
  Our palm and facial recognition readers are designed with a separate detector for temperature measurement. The devices will still deny the access for as long as an abnormal temperature has been tested. However, it is optional to disable this feature under Settings.
  3. Can the Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD read faces despite the person wearing glasses and a mask? How about sunglasses and a mask?
  The devices can only verify a person with glasses and a mask but not with sunglasses.
  4. What is the default temperature alert in the devices which will be considered as a fever? Can it be changed by users or it is hardcoded?
  It's 37.5°C. You can change the high body temperature under the device configuration settings.
  5. Can the fever buzzer on the devices be disabled? I prefer to have an option to activate an automatically denied access to those who are having a fever.
  The alert index of the fever buzzer can be amended. Input your tolerance level for the Highest and the Lowest temperature as the alarm threshold. You also have the option to enable/disable the access permission if the person did not meet your preconfigured temperature criteria. Refer to the image below.
  6. What are the differences between Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD? The design looks the same.
  Both of these devices are different in sizes, mounting method and temperature tolerance. However, Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD are not recommended to be used outdoors. If the outdoor temperature is too high, it may cause malfunction in the device performance and temperature display. Temperature modules are not waterproof nor dustproof. There may also be 0.5°C difference in room temperature measurement.
  Smart AC1/TD ProFace X/TD
Verification Method Face, Fingerprint and Palm Face and Palm
User Capacity Up to 10,000 Up to 50,000
Face Templates Up to 6,000 Up to 30,000
Fingerprint Templates Up to 6,000 -
Palm Templates Up to 3,000 Up to 5,000
Transaction log Up to 200,000 Transaction log with 100,000.
Product Dimension 91.93 x 220 x 22.5 143 x 227 x 26.1
Mounting Method Pole Mount on turnstile Wall Mount/ Pole Mount on turnstile or barrier
Operating Environment -10°C ~ 45°C  -30°C ~ 60°C 
  7. If someone doesn't have a fever and is not wearing a mask, would he be given the access?
  The admin can configure in the settings to grant access only to people who complete the verification (with or without) a mask on. If the settings allow access only to users with masks on, the device will not permit any access even if the verification has been successful.
  8. Some countries use centigrade (° C) and some Fahrenheit (° F), which temperature metric do these products use?
  The products support both temperature metrics. Refer to the Temperature Unit in the Menu.
  9. How fast can the metal detector detect the temperature of a person? Does the height of a person affect the reading?
  The detection time can be performed in less than 1 second. This requires a distance to be kept within 15cm between a human body and the infrared temperature probe. The height of the temperature probe is 1.5meter. For more accurate verification, it is suggested to verify wrist temperature beforehand to avoid any forehead temperature misestimation due to height factor.
  10. When the metal detector detects a temperature equivalent to a possible fever, does it give a warning or set off any alarm or blink to alert the guards around?
  The buzzer will be prompted with the Beeping alarming alert.
  11. Are the temperature data from the metal detector captured by a software?
  Not supported by any software.
  12. If the temperature sensor is broken or gives out incorrect reading, can we change the temperature sensor only or we have to replace the whole device?
a. Smart AC1/TD b. ProFace X/TD c. Metal Detector d. Black Body
The temperature detection modules for all devices above must be welded by our manufacturer. In the case of an event where the hardware encounters a defect, customers will not be able to replace or fix it by themselves. Please contact our service team to further assist you in regard to this matter.
  13. How accurate is the body temperature measurement in these devices? How are the specifications different from one another?
a.Smart AC1/TD
Accuracy ±0.3℃
b.ProFace X/1TD
Accuracy ±0.3℃
c.Metal Detector
Accuracy ±0.3℃
d.Black Body
Accuracy ±0.3℃
Note that the installation should be done indoor in a temperature-controlled environment. Avoid facing windows, air conditioners, radiators and any other objects while undertaking the installation. It is most recommended to maintain the room temperature between 22-27 degrees.
  14. Which is the best model with minimum maintenance needed?
  All-in-one Device: SmartAC1/TD and Proface X/TD offer the same features. Both need minimum maintenance.
  15. Can Black Body actually recognize 16 faces/ second with accurate body temperature reading? How can you guarantee that there will be no false-reading?
  Yes. There were numerous tests conducted before the launch, with up to 98% guaranteed accuracy.
  16. Can Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD devices sustain under direct exposure of sunlight? How well can they perform?
  No. It is not recommended to install these devices outdoors. Avoid any location that will have direct exposure to the sunlight. Indoor installation is preferable. Bear in mind the environment temperature can have a direct effect on the temperature measurement range. Devices are able to sustain light intensity up to 20,000-30,000 of lux but the temperature measurement range must be within 25℃ - 40℃.
  17. Does the installation of metal detectors require any special tools?
  The steps for installation is presented in the image below:
  18. Do Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD support anti-spoofing techniques?
  No. Once the masked recognition function has been activated, it will then have an impact on the anti-spoofing recognition. In this case, it is recommended to deploy Palm verification.
  19. How fast is the verification process for Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD?
  Less than 0.55 sec.
  20. Smart AC1/TD and ProFace X/TD can directly connect to the EM Lock?
  Yes, both of the models can directly connect to the EM lock for access control
  21. Why is the machine with a temperature sensor in the device pricey?
  Suppliers who provision such devices are scarce in the market. These high precision devices have limited suppliers. More particularly, this high precision temperature module is able to detect a slight Celsius of difference in body temperature which will really make a big difference in outcome. Moreover, the regular temperature sensor/gun has to be placed around 2cm near the forehead, but the sensor in these devices can detect temperature at a long distance with high precision.
  22. Do you have the SIRIM Certification (Malaysia) for Smart AC1/TD?
  Smart AC1/TD does not fall under communication and multimedia product so this product is not subjected to calibration from SIRIM as the product is not a standard thermometer as it uses technology to scan human temperature.
  23. Can the Smart AC1/TD and the ProFaceX-TD take a photo?
  Yes, the devices are able to snap the attendance photo and save it in the device.
  24. Can the Smart AC1/TD and the ProFaceX-TD be used/attached to with a printer?
  25. Can the Smart AC1/TD and the ProFaceX-TD used/attached with a scanner?